Why Pringles Taste So Good

Ever wondered why Pringles taste so good. Its not an accident

Read on and I’ll tell you exactly why!

I know it can be a minefield out there when it comes to picking healthy food so you really need to be careful when it comes to reading labels especially as some food companies will do anything to fool you.

Food manufacturers use all sorts of dirty tricks these days to deceive you.

Here are just 2 of them.

One of them is to distribute sugars among many ingredients so that sugar doesn’t appear high up on the ingredients list.

For example, a manufacturer may use a combination of sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, brown sugar, dextrose and other sugars to make sure none of them are present in large enough quantities to get to the top og the ingredients.
Another clever trick is change the name of ingredients. Take yeast extract for example. It sounds like a perfectly safe food ingredient,but it’s actually a tactic used to hide dangerous mono-sodium (MSG, a chemical taste enhancer used to make processed food taste better) without having to list MSG on the label.

MSG is the ingredient in Pringles by the way that make you want to keep eating after you open the box. (once you pop you cant stop). It’s a salt and it is also used to flavour lots of Chinese food.
I came across this article in The Guardian last week that you should  definitely read if you want to know more.
It’s about how food companies are trying to make you think that they are selling healthier options when in fact they.

Here is the article you should definitely read it.



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