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Diet Drinks and Losing Weight

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Ellen was one of my 1st clients when we started our fit camp here in Manchester.  She was a size 16 and was desperate to get to a size 12 dress before her 40th birthday.

She had also spent a lot of time on diets and counting points as well as calories and couldn’t work out why she was struggling to lose any weight.

Apart from the fact that she was not eating enough and getting enough nutrients in her body there was one glaringly obvious thing that was jumping out from her food diary.

Changing this one thing was the main catalyst for getting her down to a size 12 and not feeling like a frumpy extra at her 40th birthday party.

She was drinking 6 cans of diet coke a day. Now six cans, that is the best part of 2 litres a day, which is enough to stop most peoples weight loss efforts dead in their tracks as well as overload the central nervous system due to the caffeine and the resulting cortisol.

“But Liam there is no sugar in diet coke and no calories” I can hear you saying. “So why is it that this can hinder our weight loss efforts?”

Well for starters the research says that people who drink diet drinks are more likely to be over weight than those who drink the full fat versions. Not only order xenical online australia that they can also put you at a greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

How can that be?

Well here is what a recent study discovered.

  • Diet drinks increase your risk of diabetes more than sugary drinks. This increased risk is a huge 33% if you drink 1 can a day and an even more staggering 66% if you drink 2 cans a day.
  • Most people who drink diet drinks also consume twice as much as those who drink the full fat versions because they are more addictive. This is because they contain sweeteners like aspartame that are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. This makes us want to drink more because we are programmed to like sweet stuff.
  • They make your body think that sugar is on the way which makes you pump out insulin which is a fat storage hormone and this means more belly fat.
  • They also make you hungrier due to low blood sugar levels and make you crave starch carbs like bread and pasta.
  • People who drink diet drinks are 3 times more likely to be over weight than those of us who don’t.

Might be worth having a think the next time you take your diet coke break and switch the soda for some water or even a fat burning green tea.

Are your friends sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

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One of the toughest challenges when it comes to losing weight is the people we spend our time with.  This could be friends, family or even people in work.

And the thing is they really can have an effect on the results that we get and how we feel about ourselves.

We all know that it’s hard enough to change yourself but when you have people around you that are trying to get you off the healthy eating wagon or come to the pub instead of doing some exercise after work it can be really put a dent in your efforts.

Usually it’s a family member or a loved one and the phrases used are usually the same.

“Ahh go on, just 1 insert drink / cake /crisp / chocolate won’t hurt you.”

“Sure you only live once, you can start back on it tomorrow”

Then there are the ones who try and sabotage you when you are actually getting great results

“don’t lose too much or you will look too thin”

“you don’t want to turn into a fitness fanatic”

These people are all well-meaning and want to see you being happy so why do they feel the need to try and put the brakes on your efforts.

Well the way I see it is that generally humans don’t like change and they feel threatened if someone they are close to starts to change. Part of this I guess is that this is more to do with them than you.

The other reason is jealousy and they can see you making changes that they want to make but wont. So they try and sabotage you. I see this all the time.

If you are trying and you find this happening the best thing to do is ignore them. At the end of the day you want to change for you.

You get to choose your future and hopefully it’s a happy healthy one with friends that are supportive of what you want to do. If people are not supportive of what you want you should move on.

Life is too short to have people around you that bring you down so don’t let them


Northwest Fit Camp

PS I’m working hard on my new 12 week Transform for 2014 Plan that I’ll be launching just before Christmas.

I’m only taking on 10 people though so keep an eye out on future emails on how you can sign up and not miss out.

Eating More Fat Is Actually Good For You

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Have you ever done something so wrong that it has potentially harmed other people and then found it very hard to back track on.

It would appear that a lot of the top nutritionists and doctors in this country and in the United States are currently doing  just that when it comes to telling us what we should eat to be healthy and lose weight.

When people see our fit camp nutrition plan for the 1st time they are sometimes shocked that it is so high in fat and don’t really get it. I’m not surprised by this because we have been told that ft is bad.

They say things like

“I thought too much fat was bad for you” or

“My doctor told me to substitute low fat spread instead of butter”

This is because for the last 40 or so years we have been told by the medical establishment and government bodies that eating a low fat diet is good for us.

As a well purchase xenical read fitness professional I always told my clients and fit cam members that this was bad advice and it would appear that the mainstream media is now starting to get behind us as well as doctors and heart specialists who it seem have done a massive U turn.

They are admitting that they may have actually got it wrong and in fact eating a diet that is high in unprocessed fat may be good for us and might actually help us to lose weight.

If you read my regular emails you will understand cause of weight gain is in fact sugar and not fat but its great to finally have some more proof so here it is.

Check out this story from the front page of The Independent today.–unprocessed-fatty-foods-may-actually-be-good-for-you-8897707.html

I would love to hear what you think about this.

Liam Thompson

Northwest Fit Camp

“Drop A Size in 28 Days Guaranteed”

Why Pringles Taste So Good

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Ever wondered why Pringles taste so good. Its not an accident

Read on and I’ll tell you exactly why!

I know it can be a minefield out there when it comes to picking healthy food so you really need to be careful when it comes to reading labels especially as some food companies will do anything to fool you.

Food manufacturers use all sorts of dirty tricks these days to deceive you.

Here are just 2 of them.

One of them is to distribute sugars among many ingredients so that sugar doesn’t appear high up on the ingredients list.

For example, a manufacturer may use a combination of sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, brown sugar, dextrose and other sugars to make sure none of them are present in large enough quantities to get to the top og the ingredients.
Another clever trick is change the name of ingredients. Take yeast extract for example. It sounds like a perfectly safe food ingredient,but it’s actually a tactic used to hide dangerous mono-sodium (MSG, a chemical taste enhancer used to make processed food taste better) without having to list MSG on the label.

MSG is the ingredient in Pringles by the way that make you want to keep eating after you open the box. (once you pop you cant stop). It’s a salt and it is also used to flavour lots of Chinese food.
I came across this article in The Guardian last week that you should  definitely read if you want to know more.
It’s about how food companies are trying to make you think that they are selling healthier options when in fact they.

Here is the article you should definitely read it.


Northwest Pesdsonal Training and Northwest Fit Camp Manchester

Beautiful Wobbles and Soggy Bottoms

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If you know what today’s subject line is about then you must be a fan of The Great British Bake Off, but did you know that it can also teach you a thing or two about weight loss?

Read on to see why!

We were at a wedding on Saturday up in Blackburn and as usually happens we got plonked on a table with some people we didn’t know and got chatting about some TV shows.

Now personally I’m more into Storage Wars and Ray Donovan at the minute but to my surprise everyone was getting excited by The Great British Bake Off (even the guys at the table)

I’m sure you’ve seen the show if you are anything like my other half. It would seem like its on every night by the amount of time my wife spends watching it. Not to mention other programs like Masterchef, Australian Masterchef and that guy who like blowing things up with his blow torch like some sort of mad professor? Whats his name?

Anyway I usually have my head buried in a book or I’m trying to watch the football on sky go when this is on but last night when Rach was catching up on it on Iplayer, I paid a bit more attention.

Anyway one of the women, who was really overly super confident was using coconut in one of our recipes and it reminded me of one of our clients asking about stuff tasting of coconut oil when you use it to cook with.

Coconut oil is great for cooking (and eating) especially when you want to lose weight because it contains lauric acid which has a ton of heath benefits

Just some of the health benefits of this include.

  • Antiviral properties (it can help you fight off infection)
  • It is also used straight away for energy and can help balance blood sugar levels which can help to protect against type 2 diabetes and doesn’t get stored as fat like other fats (and sugar)
  • Not only that it stimulates your metabolism and can help with weight loss.
  • You can get it at your local supermarket (usually in world food isle)  but make sure you go for the extra virgin one if you can get it.

Oh and back to the original question. It doesn’t make everything taste like coconut but it can really help push on your fat loss results.

Just one of the tools we use in our fat loss armory here at Northwest Fit Camp and Northwest Personal Training.

As usual feel free to ask away if you have any health, fitness and weight loss related questions.

Liam Thompson
Boot Camp Manchester

My Doctor Thinks I’m Obese

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This is a 100% true story by the way. I’ve just changed my doctors because I moved house a few months ago. Usually the only time I need to go to the doctors is when I have a sports injury as I’m rarely ill.  

However as a new patient at this practice I had to go and see the nurse for a check-up. No problem I thought as the receptionist handed me one of those little pots to bring in a sample.

So yesterday I arrive headed to see the nurse with small bottle in hand and took my seat in the room, exchanged pleasantries and got started.

Basically what happened next was that I got measured and weighed and the nurse punched the results into her computer and a figure for BMI (body Mass Index) came up. The figure was 29.7. I’m around 15 Stone by the way, but you wouldn’t know as most of it is down to my big footballers legs.

Oh Dear she said pointing to a chart on her wall. You are pretty much in the bracket for being obese which means you have to lose some weight and get your BMI down to 25 which is the level for being “normal”. She actually use the word cheapest xenical 120mg normal.

SO there you have it. The NHS think I’m obese and have advised me to lose some weight. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m definitely not obese. In fact most of my weight is in my legs due to the amount of sport I play.

The point of this post really is to point out that BMI (and weight is as well) is a flawed model for looking at body composition and you should use body fat percentage or for most people use how your clothes fit as a marker for whether  you need to lose weight or not.

You can actually lose size and not lose any weight. Imagine if you lost 5lbs of fat and replaced it with 5lbs of muscle. Check out the picture below to see how they compare.


fat versus muscle

As you can see there is a big difference in the two in terms of size but the weight is exactly the same.

Focusing on weight can give you skewed results, so is always better to focus on size. This is why we don’t promise weight loss results but we do promise a drop a size in 4 weeks.

What would you rather lose? 7lbs or a full dress or jeans size?

7 Easy To Follow Weight Loss Strategies

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If you are unhappy with you weight and the way you look or even if you just want to shed a few pounds to get into your bikini this summer you don’t have to go on a drastic diet or exercise regime in order to start getting some serious results.

Have a look at Frank below, who is one of our Fit Camp members, he got these amazing life changing results in only a few months so it really doesn’t take that long.


frankside2-smallDon’t believe me, well give it a go and if it doesn’t work for you I’ll personally give you a week of free personal training here in Manchester. No Kidding!

Pick one of these tips of over the next 7 day (each day) to focus on and you should be able to drop 4-5 lbs. in only a week.


7 Top Tips for Losing Weight Effectively and permanently without resorting to extreme dieting or fad meal replacements

1. Cut down on the cardio

Yes that’s right stop doing too much cardio and wasting your time on the treadmill or cross trainer because in the long run it will make you fatter and will at the very least stop you from getting results.

In order to lose weight you must be doing metabolic resistance work. This basically means you have to train either with weights or using body weight exercises such as squats and lunges.

2. Switch sit ups for planks and sleeping crabs.

These exercises will target your core in a more efficient way protecting you from lower back pain.

If you don’t know what a sleeping crab is you can check it out below from our YouTube Channel.


3. Drink more water

Just increasing the amount of water you can drink can have a massive effect on weight loss results. If you are more hydrated your body will find it easier to burn fat. You should be aiming for at least 2 litres of water a day and preferably bottled water over tap water.

4 Take fish oil capsules every day

Most people don’t consume enough healthy fat in their dietsThese will help balance your blood sugar levels meaning you can eat more buy generic orlistat uk carbs and still lose weight as well as help protect your heart. I would recommend at least 4-6 grams per day with meals.

5. Don’t let yourself get hungry

Letting yourself get hungry usually means that you will grab the food that is easiest to get to and 9 times out of 10 this tends to be something really unhealthy. Make sure you eat every 4 hours to avoid this.

6 Avoid sugar (and sweeteners)

Sugar creates an insulin response that forces your body to store fat, but believe it or not the same thing happens when you have sweeteners  such as in diet cola’s or sugar free drinks. You taste something sweet and your brain expects sugar so it initiates an insulin release from the pancreas to deal with it and the result is fat gain followed by hunger.

Be especially wary of sugars in drinks because this makes it really easy to consume lots of calories in a short space of tie without you noticing too much

7 Eat better quality food.

Rather than eating less food and starving yourself eat better quality food that is higher in nutrients. Basically where possible chose fresh produce (fruit and veg)and organic meats over processed and packaged foods. Simples!

(Side note, there are lots of companies selling meal replacement shakes out there promising healthy weight loss results. You might lose weight initially using these but they certainly are not healthy and will screw up your digestion system long term)

Bonus Tip

The easiest way for most people to lose weight is:

[wpsharely id=”652″]


Remove wheat from your diet. Just by cutting wheat out of your diet alone you can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels and stay burning fat for longer rather than storing it. Wheat (including all breads and pasta) is one of the single biggest causes of weight gain in the western world and has been shown to raise blood sugar levels faster than actual sugar.


Check out our Manchester Boot Camp for more info as we can help you lose 7lbs in 7 days 100% free of charge on one of our experience weeks.

Weight Loss Question

How Do You Lose Weight? What Questions Should You Ask Yourself?

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I’ve been working as a personal trainer in Manchester for the last 4 years and by far and away the most popular question I get is about how to help people lose weight easily.

As a fitness coaches weight loss is what most of us do, at least that what I mostly do, I love working with people who have posture issues and injuries but I get the greatest satisfaction from seeing someone lose lots of weight.

Original Question

SO back to the original question that I get often asked. “How do I lose weight?”

Before I answer that I will always ask clients or potential clients why the want to lose weight. Let’s face it we all really know how to lose weight. Given the choice between a salad or a pizza we all know exactly which one is the healthiest and will help us lose weight. The problem is that most people chose to eat the unhealthy option.

So why is that?

Motivation and Willpower

Motivation is one of the reasons but people normally blame lack of willpower. I’m not great believer in the theory of willpower though. This is why I think it is important t ask the why question. Knowing why you want to achieve something mans that when the going gets tough and you get bored of the routine you will me more likely to stick to the plan.

If your goal is to drop a dress size or fit in to smaller jeans then ask yourself why. Is it to make you healthier or for you to look better. Could there be a deeper reason? It could be that you are overweight and you want to avoid disease or it could be and this is the most can i buy xenical online common reason that at some level you are not happy and you want to be happier.

If you are thinking about trying to lose weight or stop smoking or drinking or changing your life for the better then go ahead and try the following task.

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight (or whatever it is that you want).

Peeling the Onion

Once you had your answer then you can start to peel off the next layer. If you want to get into a smaller dress then that’s good but you need to ask yourself why again.

Keep going until you get to the emotional reason.

Once you have the emotional reason then I want you to write it down with a time frame for achieving it. Keep it somewhere handy like your purse or next to your fridge and check it every day.

This will help to keep you goal at the forefront of your mind.

It could be that you have wedding and you want to get into the dress for that. Keep going and keep asking why.

The more emotional you make your reason the more likely you are to get results and stick to the plan.

Also try and visualise what you want because as the saying goes “If you can believe it then you can achieve it”. This is a strategy that to athletes use to help them achieve their goals and for good reason because it works.

Always start with why if you want to get results in anything you do.

This post is by LIam Thompson who is the Head Coach of Northwest Personal Training in Manchester.

Liam also runs weight loss and fitness boot camps in Manchester City Centre

What is the best exercise for weight loss

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This is by far the most common question we get here at our training studio in Manchester.

This is also probably the exercise i use the most with my 1-1 clients as well as my fit campers. If you work with me or you have worked with me in the past then you will already know what it is. Or do you?

I’ve put together a short video of this exercise that you should all be doing somewhere in your routine to show you exactly how to do it. Its locked though so you will have to click on one of the links below to see it.

View The Video Below







How an Italian Maths Geek Can Save You Hours in the Gym

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One of the most common issues with people trying to lose weight is that they think they have to spend hours in the gym working out. I’ve seen it in all the gyms I’ve worked in,but believe it or not most people are spending a lot of time in the gym that they don’t need to.

Picture the following scene if you can.

Overweight girl (or guy) comes in religiously after work every day and spends at least 60 minutes on a treadmill. They might even put the incline up to 8 or 9% and spend most of their time walking up hill or on the cross trainer getting a good sweat on. The fitter ones will probably just jump strain into a jog or a fast run and go for a full hour, but at the end of the week they are disappointed because they are still not fitting into their favourite jeans.


Fair play to the because they are doing a massive 5 hours a week of exercise which is a lot more than most people, and is more than the current government recommendations

However the cycle continues and after a few weeks of frustration they give up, usually declaring that they have tried everything to lose weight and exercise doesn’t work.

This is happening in gyms all over the country and is one of the reasons why just getting a gym membership doesn’t work for most people. Getting a gym memberships is like walking into a restaurant and being asked to cook your own food. Yeah you know what you want and you can see all the shiny machines but you’re not really sure what you should be doing, so you do what everyone else is doing. It’s a classic case of the blind following the blind.

But anyway back to the Italian dude. His name is Vilfredo Pareto and he is responsible for what is known as Pareto’s Law or the Pareto principle.

Basically what this means is that you can get 80% of your results with only 20% of your effort and you can equate this with anything in your life. Seriously try it. Here are some examples.

I bet you if you have a look in your wardrobe you probably wear 20% of your clothes around 80% of the time.

How about your friends,  I reckon you spend around 80% of your time with only 20% of your friends, watch 20% of your TV channels 80% of the time and if you have your own business 80% of your income will come from only 20% of your customers or even less. Here’s another one what about the foods you eat?

Check out Pareto’s Law Wikipedia Page

So what has this got to do with fat loss and exercise?

What if you could get your best fat loss results from only 20% of the time that you think is necessary to burn body fat. Well you can and that is how the Pareto Principle applies here. At our fit camps we probably only do about 60-70 minutes of high intense work each week, which is around 20% of the 5 hours a week that most people slog away on treadmills for.

Even with this we still manage to get amazing weight loss results. Check out the picture of Carmel below who is one of our fit campers. She managed the results below in less than 9 months with only 3 x 45 minute sessions each week.

Weight Loss Results

If you can make 3 sessions a week and work hard for those 3 sessions and do it consistently over a period of time then you will get results. The culture that we live in these days is one of quick fixes when it comes to weight loss but the truth is that there isn’t really a quick fix. I’m sure that might not be what you want to hear, but I don’t want to mislead you. What I don’t want to do though is help you get results and get healthy and the way to do that is to be consistent in what you do.

The same applies to food, if you can be consistent in what you eat then its ok to go out and binge occasionally because it’s not the occasional binge that determines your results; it’s what you do consistently on a daily basis.


To join our next 4 week fit camp block starting next Monday and start to get results just like Carmel alove click on the link below