How Stressed Are You

By February 10, 2014Weight Loss Articles

I’ve been pretty stressed out this week, because I had to get my tax return in by Friday night Every year I promise myself I’ll get it in early and every year I leave it to the last minute.

I really should know better as well.

The thing most people don’t know about stress though is that can have a negative effect on our body-fat levels, especially in our stomach areas.

This is actually the main reason why people who have a healthy diet and do lots of exercise sometimes cant lose wight.

Too much exercise can stress our bodies by the way which is one reason why lots of cardio doesn’t work.

Traffic, bosses, bills, bad news on TV, Screaming Kids, late nights. They all can add to our stress and the list is endless.

When we are stressed our bodies buy orlistat nz release a hormone called cortisol, this basically switches off fat burning and makes us crave carbohydrates and fat. Ever wondered why you want chocolate when you get home from work at night. Well there is your answer right there.

By learning to control your stress levels you can lower your cortisol levels and become more efficient at losing weight, even with as little as 3 short exercise sessions a week, like we do at fit camp or in our personal training sessions.

Everyone is different though and sometimes exercise is actually not the best strategy for your to lose weight. Stressing an already stressed person by making then work hard in the gym will actually have negative results.