I’m moving house this week so I’m super busy but wanted to get this tipĀ out before my internet connection goes off. Its about the compound effect of small and regular steps when it comes to dieting and losing weight.

Small regular increments of weight loss is the key to long term success my friend

By losing just 1lb every week you will be over 3 stone lighter in 1 year. How would that feel?

Most of you don’t even need to or even want to lose this much weight yet when you only lose 1lb in a week you get disheartened and feel down about yourself and feel like you have failed.

Small Baby Steps

Small baby steps over time to buy xenical online will create a dramatic result, we call this the coumpound effect.

My number 1 tip is to find a program you can stick to for the long term, something that isn’t restrictive, something that allows you to eat some of the foods you love every single week and doesn’t make you have a bad relationship with food followed by restricting and bingeing.
If you can do this, then you will won’t go 2 steps forward and 1 step back but you simply will every week push forward with long term results. One lb at a time.

Small steps make the big difference in the long term.

Do what works best for you.
Liam Thompson
Head Coach
Northwest Fit Camp Manchester