Are the slimming clubs cheating you?

The overwhelming majority of people that join us at fit camp or for personal training in Manchester already think that they have already tried everything possible to lose weight.

You see the slimming clubs like WW am S world teach us that in order to trim up we have to go low calorie. Usually to the point of starving ourselves

This of course works short term but the result is a rebound when our bodies adapt to the low calorie and the rebound usually means we end up a little heavier and larger than before.

Back we go to the slimming club to deal with it and the same thing happens. Lose some and put some more back on.

The same thing happens with these meal replacement shakes like Juice Plus and HerbalStrife buy xenical in hong kong only the rebound is a lot more.

I would love to tell you there is a a quick fix or a magic pill but there really isn’t.

Exercise and Nutrition are the main key but that’s only going to unlock one of the locks.

Emotional Eating, Mindset, Stress, Sleep, Hydration and Hormonal Changes all have a huge effect on your ability to trim up.

Starving yourself and living on lab made shakes can screw up all these systems and make it haarder for you to keep your weight off.

Short term gain usually means long term pain.

Don’t fall for it.

Check out our reviews on Google from people we have already helped.

Liam “Health First” Thompson
Head Coach and Weight Loss Expert
Northwest Fit Camp and Personal Training Manchester


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