Are the slimming clubs cheating you?

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The overwhelming majority of people that join us at fit camp or for personal training in Manchester already think that they have already tried everything possible to lose weight.

You see the slimming clubs like WW am S world teach us that in order to trim up we have to go low calorie. Usually to the point of starving ourselves

This of course works short term but the result is a rebound when our bodies adapt to the low calorie and the rebound usually means we end up a little heavier and larger than before.

Back we go to the slimming club to deal with it and the same thing happens. Lose some and put some more back on.

The same thing happens with these meal replacement shakes like Juice Plus and HerbalStrife buy xenical in hong kong only the rebound is a lot more.

I would love to tell you there is a a quick fix or a magic pill but there really isn’t.

Exercise and Nutrition are the main key but that’s only going to unlock one of the locks.

Emotional Eating, Mindset, Stress, Sleep, Hydration and Hormonal Changes all have a huge effect on your ability to trim up.

Starving yourself and living on lab made shakes can screw up all these systems and make it haarder for you to keep your weight off.

Short term gain usually means long term pain.

Don’t fall for it.

Check out our reviews on Google from people we have already helped.

Liam “Health First” Thompson
Head Coach and Weight Loss Expert
Northwest Fit Camp and Personal Training Manchester


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Guilty as charged

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I got a speeding ticket in the post yesterday. Apparently I was doing 49 in a 40 on the way home from fit camp last Monday night and got flashed by a mobile camera on a dual carriageway near Cheadle. I will of course be pleading guilty and taking my medicine.


Did you know you can stop getting my emails any time you want?

Yes indeed you just need to click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and you will stop getting my (almost) daily emails forever.


Just like Helen Thomas did this morning and she was also feeling guilty just  like me.

She even left me a comment to tell me why she was unsubscribing


“Because sadly I can’t afford to join and it’s a constant reminder and makes me feel guilty. Thanks anyway and good luck.”


I always appreciate the feedback but here is what really annoys me the most about comments like this:

People will happily going out on a Saturday night and spending £50 on getting can i buy xenical over the counter in ireland smashed or spending £3 a day on caramel lattes in Starbucks or eat stuff to make them feel better about themselves.

Add it all up and people are prioritising spending their money on crap that ruins their health rather than investing in something that can make them healthier, slimmer, happier and live longer.

The issue with this is that at some point it’s going to catch up on Helen and she will have no choice but to pay and it’s going to be a bigger price. By that stage it will be too late to feel guilty and it’s going to cost a lot more to fix and I not just talking about money either.


It’s not about being expensive, it’s about priorities. And your health and well-being should be your NUMBER 1 priority.

What it’s going to take to make it a priority for you?

You can either pay now or pay later.


Liam “Telling It Straight” Thompson

Head Health and Fitness Coach

Northwest Fit Camp Manchester City Centre

Time To Own Up

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This weekend I have had some school friends over from Ireland and we spend Friday at the Races in Liverpool and then Saturday watching football, horse racing and having some beers.

I don’t drink too much at the weekend to be honest with you and I don’t really drink beer any more these days as it make me bloated.

Anyway after my weekend of beers I’m feeling pretty bloated, tired and sorry for myself.

So why am I telling you this? After all I’m supposed to be a fitness guy who never drinks and is always eating buy generic xenical healthy.

2 reasons

  1. I’m just as human as you are and prone to temptation as much as the next person.  I’m not one of these fitness industry robot personal trainers with a clip board who doesn’t understand what it’s like to succumb sometimes and who lives on broccoli and chicken.
  2. I want to make myself accountable to you guys.

I will be making a commitment to eating healthy and losing some weight myself. I will be dropping a size in the next month and I will even take my own before and after pictures to show you guys. On top of that I will be making a commitment to exercise at least 4 times a week over the next month

Making yourself accountable to someone like friends, family or even a coach like me can hugely increase your chances of sticking to something like a healthy eating plan.

If you knew you had to send your coach your food diary on a Sunday night do you think it would help you stick to things?

Sure it would.

This is just one of the tactics I use to get my clients  moving forwards and get results.

Accountability is a powerful tool and is great for motivation.

How can you use it to keep you eating healthier?

Liam “making a commitment” Thompson

Personal Trainer Manchester

Are you on the Blacklist?

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I don’t really watch a lot of television apart from football and the endless cooking shows my wife watches along with Gray’s Anatomy and The Good Wife. But………

There is one show that we both watch together though that I have really gotten into lately and it’s called The Blacklist.

It’s on Sky Atlantic at the minute and since it started I’ve eagerly looked forward to the next episode every single week

If you haven’t seen it, you simply must check it out.

The main character Raymond Reddington is an international criminal that hands himself into the FBI.

Pretty crazy thing to hand yourself in but this guy has a list of 21 of his arch enemies he wants out of the picture and they are a bunch of pretty ruthless bad guys as a well.

“This is Ray’s blacklist”

Each episode sees the introduction of 1 new bad guy (or girl) on the blacklist and they go about catching them one at a time. He only ever gives the FBI one name at a time. Imagine if he handed where can i buy xenical from them the full list at once and they split their resources. No one would get caught.

Tackling things one at a time is simply the best way to make changes and get things done.

Pick one of your bad habits or vices (maybe chocolate or wine) and focus on giving it up or at least cutting down for a few weeks

From there you can then move through the list of things just like the blacklist.

Here is the official trailer for the show I’m sure you will agree its gripping stuff

Your own list

How about you make up your own blacklist and work your way though it one at a time

  • Drink more water
  • Cut out sugary drinks
  • Exercise more
  • Get to bed earlier
  • Relax more
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Take a greens drink


Focusing on that one behaviour based goal will make it easier to achieve the big stuff like losing weight or getting healthier

I would love to hear your suggestions for what you could put on your own blacklist.


Head  Coach

Northwest Personal Training / Northwest Fit Camp



How To Motivate Yourself

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Do you find it hard to be motivated to eat healthy and get fit?

If you do then you are definitely not in the minority.

This is probably the number one reason that people join our boot camp or come to us for personal training.

Liam they say: “I need some motivation, help me!”

Usually getting some quick results is all it takes. Just last week one of my clients lost 4kg (that’s nearly 9lbs) in her 1st week of training with us.

The result will no doubt make her more motivated but sooner or later her results will slow and where will she get her motivation from.

My advice is to stop looking for weight loss and focus on your health and your happiness.

Do this and everything else falls into place.

Just today there was a study in one of the papers saying that 1 in 10 people in some areas have Type 2 diabetes, which is 100% lifestyle related. How motivated would you be if this was you or what if you you knew that exercise (and diet) could prevent this?

Often it takes bad news to motivate us like the death of a loved one or an illness that’s close to home.

Go and find your own motivation to be healthy today.

It could be your kids if you have any. It could be that you have a family risk of heart disease or something else.

For me, I just got married a few weeks ago and this has really brought home to me a sense of my own mortality. My wife is 8 years younger than me and I want to be around to spend time with her and grow old with her. That has spurred me on to be healthier already.

Here is another thing with motivation.

Sometimes it’s buy xenical from canada just not going to happen. You have to deal with the fact that some days you will not be motivated at all.

Most people who come to our fit camps tell me that they want to be pushed and get some motivation. That’s all well and good but you have to motivate yourselves to actually come to the sessions. Sometimes you are not going to feel particularly motivated and you need to just decide you are going anyway.

The Olympics last year was supposed to motivate us all to do more sport but it lasted for about 2 weeks and everyone went back to their normal lives.

Real motivation comes from knowing what you want or knowing what you want to change. You are not always going to want to get out of bed at 6am on a wet October morning to come and train, but knowing that it’s 1 session that takes you closer to your goal is going to help push you in the right direction and taking small steps to getting to where you want to be.

Getting long term results is all about getting small wins. Staying in be in the morning or going home after work is always going to be the easy option, but if you make that small decision to take and action step and do some exercise and this becomes a habit then you are going to start to see long term and permanent results in little or no time at all.

Even making 1 healthy change can make the world of difference.

I would love to hear from you if you need any help or advice on being healthier. Just hit the contact button above and feel free to ask me any questions.

My Doctor Thinks I’m Obese

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This is a 100% true story by the way. I’ve just changed my doctors because I moved house a few months ago. Usually the only time I need to go to the doctors is when I have a sports injury as I’m rarely ill.  

However as a new patient at this practice I had to go and see the nurse for a check-up. No problem I thought as the receptionist handed me one of those little pots to bring in a sample.

So yesterday I arrive headed to see the nurse with small bottle in hand and took my seat in the room, exchanged pleasantries and got started.

Basically what happened next was that I got measured and weighed and the nurse punched the results into her computer and a figure for BMI (body Mass Index) came up. The figure was 29.7. I’m around 15 Stone by the way, but you wouldn’t know as most of it is down to my big footballers legs.

Oh Dear she said pointing to a chart on her wall. You are pretty much in the bracket for being obese which means you have to lose some weight and get your BMI down to 25 which is the level for being “normal”. She actually use the word cheapest xenical 120mg normal.

SO there you have it. The NHS think I’m obese and have advised me to lose some weight. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m definitely not obese. In fact most of my weight is in my legs due to the amount of sport I play.

The point of this post really is to point out that BMI (and weight is as well) is a flawed model for looking at body composition and you should use body fat percentage or for most people use how your clothes fit as a marker for whether  you need to lose weight or not.

You can actually lose size and not lose any weight. Imagine if you lost 5lbs of fat and replaced it with 5lbs of muscle. Check out the picture below to see how they compare.


fat versus muscle

As you can see there is a big difference in the two in terms of size but the weight is exactly the same.

Focusing on weight can give you skewed results, so is always better to focus on size. This is why we don’t promise weight loss results but we do promise a drop a size in 4 weeks.

What would you rather lose? 7lbs or a full dress or jeans size?

Why I Walked Out Of The Gym Class

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Even though I spend most of my week helping other people get in shape I still have to work hard to keep myself in shape but that’s part and parcel of what I do. Sometimes I find it hard work to train other people all week and then train myself so I occassionally go to circuit training.

I try and get up on a Thursday morning before work and get to a circuit class at my local gym near where I live, which I love but this Thursday I just couldn’t get out of bed (working too hard) and ended up missing it so I decided I needed to make up for it and go on Saturday morning at 10am









When I got in there I was shocked there were 29 people in this studio and 30 different stations. The instructor had no clue who was doing what and there was no way on earth he could make sure that every single member was doing the correct exercise in the correct form.

In fact no one knew what they were supposed to be doing and some people were not even doing the right exercises in the right order and just doing what they wanted to do.

It was complete chaos. I actually left the session after 20 minutes I was so wound up and went to finish my workout on my own in the gym.

So much for training on a Saturday.

Anyway This got me thinking buy xenical canada about we way we do things at our Manchester fit camp.

Our numbers very rarely go above 15 and we generally get everyone doing the same exercises at the same time.

This allows me to check every single members form which is especially important to help prevent injuries.

It also means that people are working together and helps create a little bit of friendly competition and a great atmosphere. I doubt that the instructor on Saturday morning even noticed me leaving the session to be honest.

If you are struggling or need any help or advise on any health and fitness issues, give me a call on my personal number. It’s 0787861555. I’m free most of the day (until 4:30) and would be happy to help you out.


Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training

Last Week ( Friday) I sent out an email with a very special offer for fit camp and had 3 snapped up over the weekend. I’ve decided to leave it open until the last 2 are gone.

If you missed it I have 2 places left for a free month of fit camp for anyone joining on our 6 month option. Basically join now and pay nothing for 30 days.

You can sign up below if you want in

Weight Loss Question

How Do You Lose Weight? What Questions Should You Ask Yourself?

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I’ve been working as a personal trainer in Manchester for the last 4 years and by far and away the most popular question I get is about how to help people lose weight easily.

As a fitness coaches weight loss is what most of us do, at least that what I mostly do, I love working with people who have posture issues and injuries but I get the greatest satisfaction from seeing someone lose lots of weight.

Original Question

SO back to the original question that I get often asked. “How do I lose weight?”

Before I answer that I will always ask clients or potential clients why the want to lose weight. Let’s face it we all really know how to lose weight. Given the choice between a salad or a pizza we all know exactly which one is the healthiest and will help us lose weight. The problem is that most people chose to eat the unhealthy option.

So why is that?

Motivation and Willpower

Motivation is one of the reasons but people normally blame lack of willpower. I’m not great believer in the theory of willpower though. This is why I think it is important t ask the why question. Knowing why you want to achieve something mans that when the going gets tough and you get bored of the routine you will me more likely to stick to the plan.

If your goal is to drop a dress size or fit in to smaller jeans then ask yourself why. Is it to make you healthier or for you to look better. Could there be a deeper reason? It could be that you are overweight and you want to avoid disease or it could be and this is the most can i buy xenical online common reason that at some level you are not happy and you want to be happier.

If you are thinking about trying to lose weight or stop smoking or drinking or changing your life for the better then go ahead and try the following task.

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight (or whatever it is that you want).

Peeling the Onion

Once you had your answer then you can start to peel off the next layer. If you want to get into a smaller dress then that’s good but you need to ask yourself why again.

Keep going until you get to the emotional reason.

Once you have the emotional reason then I want you to write it down with a time frame for achieving it. Keep it somewhere handy like your purse or next to your fridge and check it every day.

This will help to keep you goal at the forefront of your mind.

It could be that you have wedding and you want to get into the dress for that. Keep going and keep asking why.

The more emotional you make your reason the more likely you are to get results and stick to the plan.

Also try and visualise what you want because as the saying goes “If you can believe it then you can achieve it”. This is a strategy that to athletes use to help them achieve their goals and for good reason because it works.

Always start with why if you want to get results in anything you do.

This post is by LIam Thompson who is the Head Coach of Northwest Personal Training in Manchester.

Liam also runs weight loss and fitness boot camps in Manchester City Centre

The only secret weight loss tip you will ever need

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Keep reading if you want to learn the 1 secret weight loss tip that most personal trainers, boot camps, and programs don’t want you to know about, but first I want to tell you a quick story.

Believe it or not I struggle with my weight a bit, in fact I always have done. I like to have a beer or two at the weekend and go out for meals with Rachel (my other half) but I have a trigger point that makes me realise I need to go back to being healthy. Its usually when my jeans start to feel a bit tight.

So here is a pic of me playing football about 5 years ago, at the time I didn’t realise how much weight I had actually put on. I actually though I was in good shape and I was counting calories but the problem was that the food I was eating wasn’t actually the healthiest.

Overweight LIam

Carrying a few extra lb’s

Fast forward 5 years later and this is me now, I still play football competitively, and I still struggle a bit with keeping my weight down, but I’m 38 years old this year and probably in better shape than I’ve been since my 20’s.

photo (1)

I do this as much as possible by trying to be healthy and cutting out as much of the junk from my diet as I can, but I still have the occasional beer (or 2 or 3) and I still eat out now and again. In fact here is a recent picture of me enjoying a pint of Guinness at the 6 nations this year (and I had more than 1 that day).

Me at the Rugby enjoying a Guiness

Me at the Rugby enjoying a Guiness

Anyway enough about me, you’re really here to learn secret weight loss tip for keeping in shape, so here it is.

So what is this secret weight loss tip?

Well I’m really sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately there isn’t really one to be honest, there are lots of programs and diets out there promising fast weight loss results and in fact I can easily hep someone drop a dress or a jeans size in 4 weeks. The thing is you have to keep it up so it has to be about lifestyle change.  If you go back to your old ways you will put it back on. Even worse if you lose it initially by taking some meal replacement products like Herbalife or Body By Vi (or starving yourself  you will end up putting buy xenical no prescription your weight back on with added interest. I would strongly advise you to avoid these if you value your long term health.

My philosophy on weight loss is on getting healthier by eating better and doing more exercise (notice I didn’t say eating less) The majority of people who want to lose weight will get better results by eating better and not eating less. Dieting and severe calorie restriction doesn’t work in the long term unfortunately, but there are still plenty of unscrupulous trainers out there who will recommend a product because there is a great profit margin on it.

Just this morning I had a call from one of these guys who wanted to meet me to talk about this great new weight loss program.

Here is how the conversation panned out.

Sales Guy: “Hi Liam, I have this great new weight loss product that I would like to talk to you about”

Me “What is it”

Sales Guy “Why don’t you let me buy you a coffee and Ill tell you all about it”

Me “Can you just give me a run down on the phone Im very busy”

Sales Guys “ Its called ***** and it’s a meal replacement shake”

Me “erm….Im not really interested but thanks for the call”

Sales Guy “You can make a lot of money from this, our trainers are averaging £1500 a month”

Me “To be honest with you I’m not really interested because it doesn’t fit in with my core values “

Sales Guy “so you don’t want to make an extra £1500 per month”

Me “Well that would be nice but I would rather do it ethically, thanks for your time”

These sales people are doing the rounds with personal trainer and fitness professionals all over the country and unfortunately people are just seeing pound signs.  If you are a personal trainer reading this you have a duty both morally and professionally to offer the best advice to your clients.

If you are just someone who wants to lose some weight, then please avoid these products because they are designed with only one thing in mind. To relieve you of as much cash as possible. They have very little nutritional value and will not work in the long term.

My advice, is to eat healthy, get some high intensity exercise  in and stop looking for the secret to weight loss because they don’t exist. There are no secrets.