My Doctor Thinks I’m Obese

This is a 100% true story by the way. I’ve just changed my doctors because I moved house a few months ago. Usually the only time I need to go to the doctors is when I have a sports injury as I’m rarely ill.  

However as a new patient at this practice I had to go and see the nurse for a check-up. No problem I thought as the receptionist handed me one of those little pots to bring in a sample.

So yesterday I arrive headed to see the nurse with small bottle in hand and took my seat in the room, exchanged pleasantries and got started.

Basically what happened next was that I got measured and weighed and the nurse punched the results into her computer and a figure for BMI (body Mass Index) came up. The figure was 29.7. I’m around 15 Stone by the way, but you wouldn’t know as most of it is down to my big footballers legs.

Oh Dear she said pointing to a chart on her wall. You are pretty much in the bracket for being obese which means you have to lose some weight and get your BMI down to 25 which is the level for being “normal”. She actually use the word cheapest xenical 120mg normal.

SO there you have it. The NHS think I’m obese and have advised me to lose some weight. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m definitely not obese. In fact most of my weight is in my legs due to the amount of sport I play.

The point of this post really is to point out that BMI (and weight is as well) is a flawed model for looking at body composition and you should use body fat percentage or for most people use how your clothes fit as a marker for whether  you need to lose weight or not.

You can actually lose size and not lose any weight. Imagine if you lost 5lbs of fat and replaced it with 5lbs of muscle. Check out the picture below to see how they compare.


fat versus muscle

As you can see there is a big difference in the two in terms of size but the weight is exactly the same.

Focusing on weight can give you skewed results, so is always better to focus on size. This is why we don’t promise weight loss results but we do promise a drop a size in 4 weeks.

What would you rather lose? 7lbs or a full dress or jeans size?