Message From Leona

By December 12, 2014News

Leona is one of our group personal training clients here in Manchester. She left this review for us over on our Google+ page

Working with Liam ” has helped me find the old me again.  Following inquiries, I received a phone call from Liam (I was in the middle of scoffing a takeaway at the time!), which jolted me into action. I was in that horrible cycle of eating for comfort, putting on weight which made me feel worse, then turning to food again for comfort.

At the time, I was feeling completely stuck, and with no motivation to do anything about it. Joining fit camp changed all of that. I was tasked where to buy xenical in south africa with writing down my ultimate (but realistic) goal and this is what keeps me going.

Attending the first session was absolutely petrifying but I went along and stuck with it, I’m glad I did.

The sessions are short but packed and you really know you’ve had a good workout (and even more so the next day!). The trainers are all great and make the sessions work for everyone at different levels of fitness and capabilities.

In two months I’m fitter, healthier and have so much more energy.

I’ve even been able to wear my smaller clothes again.”


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