What Masterchef Can Teach You About Weight Loss

Every night in our house there is a battle of the sexes and it’s usually for the TV remote control. Usually it’s a battle between cooking programs and football.

At the minute my wife is winning and the current cooking program of choice is Masterchef.

It’s about a bunch of amateur cooks trying to deliver restaurant quality food without any formal training and its being judged by some of the UK’s top chefs.

This week the quest judge Marcus Waering who is my wife’s favourite Chef, especially since we had a 10 course dinner in his restaurant in London last year for my birthday.

^^^^^^^ You read that right by the way – 10 courses ^^^^^^^^^^^^

The amateur chefs do a decent job but just seem to fall short of what is needed to get outstanding results. They all make the same very basic mistakes, especially when they have to cook in the actual restaurants and in many cases the professional chefs like Marcus have to step in and finish the job.

This is the same when it comes to being healthy and losing weight. People seem to make the same basic mistakes all the time. The one that get the best results are the people who have the best support

Here are my top 5 Mistakes that amateur slimmers make

1 Following the masses.

Every week there seems to be a FAD diet out there, 5:2 fast diet, south beach, cabbage soup. I honestly believe that if Davina McCall or Jordan or the Yo-Yo dieter from Steps started eating an all cardboard diet buy cheap orlistat uk most lots of people would follow them.  Diets don’t work in general and don’t work long term.  They work short term, which is why you have to keep going back to them.

2 Cutting out Carbs

Many people thing you need to cut out carbs completely in order to lose weight but the truth is that you need healthy carbs in the form of veggies and you can eat starch carbs like rice an potato as long as you get the timing right. If you don’t like veggies we recommend supplementing with a high quality greens drink like lean greens http://leangreens.com?aff=17

3 Too much exercise

Yes too much exercise (especially cardio) has a negative effect on body composition.  People who run too much also tend to get more cold and flu because of a compromised immune system and not enough recovery.

4 Diet drinks.

Sweeteners in diet drinks can cause the same hormonal rises as sugar and turn your body into a fat storing machine, not to mention the fact that they are pretty bad for your health and making you crave actual sugar

5 Going Low Fat

Low fat usually means high sugar and we now know that sugar is one of the main culprits in putting on weight. Eating the right kinds of fats can also be healthy for our heart and our brain function.

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Liam Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training Manchester