How Do You Lose Weight? What Questions Should You Ask Yourself?

Weight Loss Question

I’ve been working as a personal trainer in Manchester for the last 4 years and by far and away the most popular question I get is about how to help people lose weight easily.

As a fitness coaches weight loss is what most of us do, at least that what I mostly do, I love working with people who have posture issues and injuries but I get the greatest satisfaction from seeing someone lose lots of weight.

Original Question

SO back to the original question that I get often asked. “How do I lose weight?”

Before I answer that I will always ask clients or potential clients why the want to lose weight. Let’s face it we all really know how to lose weight. Given the choice between a salad or a pizza we all know exactly which one is the healthiest and will help us lose weight. The problem is that most people chose to eat the unhealthy option.

So why is that?

Motivation and Willpower

Motivation is one of the reasons but people normally blame lack of willpower. I’m not great believer in the theory of willpower though. This is why I think it is important t ask the why question. Knowing why you want to achieve something mans that when the going gets tough and you get bored of the routine you will me more likely to stick to the plan.

If your goal is to drop a dress size or fit in to smaller jeans then ask yourself why. Is it to make you healthier or for you to look better. Could there be a deeper reason? It could be that you are overweight and you want to avoid disease or it could be and this is the most can i buy xenical online common reason that at some level you are not happy and you want to be happier.

If you are thinking about trying to lose weight or stop smoking or drinking or changing your life for the better then go ahead and try the following task.

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight (or whatever it is that you want).

Peeling the Onion

Once you had your answer then you can start to peel off the next layer. If you want to get into a smaller dress then that’s good but you need to ask yourself why again.

Keep going until you get to the emotional reason.

Once you have the emotional reason then I want you to write it down with a time frame for achieving it. Keep it somewhere handy like your purse or next to your fridge and check it every day.

This will help to keep you goal at the forefront of your mind.

It could be that you have wedding and you want to get into the dress for that. Keep going and keep asking why.

The more emotional you make your reason the more likely you are to get results and stick to the plan.

Also try and visualise what you want because as the saying goes “If you can believe it then you can achieve it”. This is a strategy that to athletes use to help them achieve their goals and for good reason because it works.

Always start with why if you want to get results in anything you do.

This post is by LIam Thompson who is the Head Coach of Northwest Personal Training in Manchester.

Liam also runs weight loss and fitness boot camps in Manchester City Centre