Health and Fitness Lessons From David Moyes

Whether you like or dislike football or support City or United, I’m sure you have all heard the news that David Moyes has been sacked as united manager today.

You see good old Moysie made one huge mistake when he took over the job from Sir Alex and it’s the same mistake that a lot of people make when they take on a new health and fitness regime.

Moysie tried to change too many things at once and it backfired on him. His first act was to sack all the successful coaches that united already had in place and bring in all his own coaches.

He changed the way the players trained, he changed the tactics and his management style was different to whet the players were used to. It was destined to go wrong………

This is exactly what happens when most people decide to get fit and healthy.

They join their local gym and decide to go 5 times a week, can i buy orlistat online even though they have never trained before.

The go on a low calorie low carb diet or even worse one of these meal replacement type nutrition plans being sold by unscrupulous personal trainers.

They ignore the advice of coaches that have proven success when it comes to helping people get fit and healthy and lose weight.

Small and incremental and long term changes are the key to success when it comes to health and fitness. I would love to tell you there is a quick fix but there isn’t. This is why our transformation programs are a minimum of 3 months at fit camp.

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Making small commitment like 3 exercise sessions a week is also easier to keep that trying to go 5 times a week.

Don’t make the same mistake as David Moyes

Slow and steady always wins the race

Liam  Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training