Is the Evil Monkey Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?

By December 23, 2014Weight Loss Articles
Evil Monkey Weight Loss Sabotage

Are you one of these people who start a diet or join a gym then after 3 weeks you have given up and within a month you are back to your old ways?

Have you ever actually wondered why this happens. Its actually more common than you think.

If this is you then you are not alone but you can do something about it. You have to find out what you really want and why you want it.

The majority of people who come to see me about weight loss don’t really want weight loss. What they really want to change something in their lives and they think that losing weight will give them these things. This could be confidence, happiness (the main one), a new partner, keeping their old partner or any multitude of things. A lot of the time they know this deep down but don’t want to admit it to themselves because it can be uncomfortable.

Because it’s uncomfortable and can bring pretty emotional feelings to the surface they have convinced themselves that its weight loss or dropping a dress size that they want. Thinking in this way means that as soon as they hit a roadblock or an obstacle they give up.

By taking the time to work out why you want to lose weight or more importantly working out what you really want then you can keep yourself motivated for longer to see the job through and make being healthy part of your everyday routine.

Finding your why and staying motivated

Why do you want to lose weight? How will this make you feel? Why are you choosing not to lead a healthy life?

What is the voice in your head saying to you? (this is really important)

Everyone has their own inner voice that speaks to them, but what is it saying in your case? Your inner voice is based on all the things that you have subconsciously learned over the course of your life. They may or may not be true but these are your beliefs about the world and can be influence by things that people have said to you that may have stuck with you.

Even though they may not be true, you believe them to be true.

It can even be influenced by the media. If you watch the news on a regular basis the you probably have the belief that the world is a bad place because most of it is bad news buy xenical online au (murders, rapes, bombs, terrorism) when the reality is that these things happen in the minority.

Then there is the negative effect of TV programs like Eastenders which are filled with negativity which inevitably will bring you down to its level.

Are you negative or positive?

If you have ever watched Family Guy you will know all about the evil monkey. He lives in Chris Griffin’s closet and comes out to scare Chris every so often. This is exactly what everyone’s evil monkey or inner voice does without you even realising it.

Most people already know how to lose weight. If you had to choose between a cheeseburger and chips or a salad I bet that you know which one is healthy. Most people also know that in order to get great results that they have to do some training or workout on a regular basis.

People know the answers already so what is stopping them from getting the weight loss results that they want.

In my opinion its the why. Figure out the why and the how is the easy bit. If you are motivated to take action to get results that will make all the difference.


Here is  little task that I use with both my 1-1 clients and my group personal training clients to help them work out your why and see what is sabotaging you.  You can try this now if you want.

Go and look at yourself in a full length mirror and just be aware of what your inner voice is saying. Is it being negative? Is it saying nice thing? If it’s being negative and saying nasty things then this could be something that is holding you back. This could be affecting your beliefs about what you can achieve. If you don’t believe that you can get results then that is going to make it harder for you to get where you want. If you can work out how to change your beliefs about yourself (or get someone to help you with it) as well as being aware of neagative self talk then in my eyes that is over 90% of the battle. Once you know this you should be well on your way to working out why you want to lose weight.

Find out your why and the how will look after itself.

This article is by Liam Thompson, Manchester Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert.

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