My own Fear of Change

I started to use my new laptop yesterday but I actually bought it in February. It’s been sitting in my basement office gathering dust for the best part of 5 months, without being used.



I actually used it once when I got it and immediately didn’t like it because was was a new windows 8 one so I packed it away until yesterday when my old one finally gave up the ghost and stopped working.

This is typical of most people. They won’t actually change until they realise they need to.

Something triggers them. Mine was the fact my laptop had packed in for good.


Many of my fit camp members and personal training clients tell me this is definitely the case

  • Flyaway comments about having put on weight
  • Felling like their other half doesn’t fancy them any more
  • Getting out of breath climbing the stairs.
  • Not fitting into their favourite dress or jeans any more.
  • Having kids and realising you want to be around to see them grow up
  • A panic about an upcoming wedding or holiday

We’re a weird bunch us humans and we pretty much all act the same.

What will your trigger be to get fit and healthy?

Liam “Changemeister” Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Personal Training Northwest Fit Camp