The do gooders at the BBC are wrong

I was watching BBC TV yesterday morning and there was a debate about whether there should be a sugar tax on sugary and fatty food.

Personally I don’t think so.

Fast food tastes great and is cheap, “maybe too cheap” say the experts and do gooders

“Send them back to the states and ban them” said another so called expert smugly

I don’t agree with this and don’t think that these companies are the problem though. The problem is our stressful society as a whole.

People are stresses and unhappy in general and when we are stressed and unhappy we look   for comfort in things like food especially convenient food that doesn’t require effort

How many times have you come cheap xenical uk home from work on a Friday night and just fancied a take away and a few glasses of wine? I definitely have

To fix this you need to look at sleep and stress as part of any weight loss plan.

You need to look at exercise that doesn’t raise cortisol (stress hormone levels).


(long bouts of cardio and over training does this.)

There is way more to losing weight than just going on a diet. If diets and slimming clubs and gyms worked them you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Would you?

Mind-set > Stress Management > Nutrition > Hydration > Exercise > Sleep


Liam “Big Picture” Thompson

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training