How to trim up like a 20 year old

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Have you ever wondered why as you get older its gets harder to trim up and lose weight? I know I find it harder as a guy, but I know it can be even more difficult for women to lose weight as they get past their mid 30’s.


Expanding waistlines and plummeting energy levels isn’t a coincidence. You can’t eat or exercise like you did in your 20’s and expect to have the same results and the same energy levels. I know I cant.

Hormonal changes as we get older put paid to that, but there is something you can do about it.

There are 3 main hormones in our bodies that can control how much fat we store, our energy levels and how quickly we age.

  1. Human Growth Hormone (ageing)
  2. Insulin (Fat Storage)
  3. Thyroid Hormone (metabolism and energy levels).

The good news for you is you can control these through the right nutrition, doing the right exercise and learning how to relax properly. The results is that you lose weight, have more energy levels and your skin hair and nails will look healthier.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what new City Centre Fit Camper Jane Cragg had to say about fit camp and how she has more energy

“I joined up because I wanted to lose weight and get a bit fitter… but I have gotten so much more than that! I have found a fantastic new group of friends, and I have learnt so much about what I am eating, what I should potentially steer clear of, what I can indulge in and still move ever closer towards my goal. I have discovered muscles that I thought had long since fled and have even noticed I am using my inhaler a little less 🙂 Liam is an excellent trainer, knowing when and how to push you to get the most from each session, but he isn’t a typical ‘gym head’ either – which is something really refreshing and has really been instrumental in helping me stick to it and keep coming back 🙂 I have only been here just over a month (doing 3 sessions a week), and already am feeling better, have more energy and have lost inches and lbs!”

Find out more over at and join today.


Liam Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Fit Camp Manchester


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Are we essentially all the same?

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My own Fear of Change

I started to use my new laptop yesterday but I actually bought it in February. It’s been sitting in my basement office gathering dust for the best part of 5 months, without being used.



I actually used it once when I got it and immediately didn’t like it because was was a new windows 8 one so I packed it away until yesterday when my old one finally gave up the ghost and stopped working.

This is typical of most people. They won’t actually change until they realise they need to.

Something triggers them. Mine was the fact my laptop had packed in for good.


Many of my fit camp members and personal training clients tell me this is definitely the case

  • Flyaway comments about having put on weight
  • Felling like their other half doesn’t fancy them any more
  • Getting out of breath climbing the stairs.
  • Not fitting into their favourite dress or jeans any more.
  • Having kids and realising you want to be around to see them grow up
  • A panic about an upcoming wedding or holiday

We’re a weird bunch us humans and we pretty much all act the same.

What will your trigger be to get fit and healthy?

Liam “Changemeister” Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Personal Training Northwest Fit Camp


Guilty as charged

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I got a speeding ticket in the post yesterday. Apparently I was doing 49 in a 40 on the way home from fit camp last Monday night and got flashed by a mobile camera on a dual carriageway near Cheadle. I will of course be pleading guilty and taking my medicine.


Did you know you can stop getting my emails any time you want?

Yes indeed you just need to click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and you will stop getting my (almost) daily emails forever.


Just like Helen Thomas did this morning and she was also feeling guilty just  like me.

She even left me a comment to tell me why she was unsubscribing


“Because sadly I can’t afford to join and it’s a constant reminder and makes me feel guilty. Thanks anyway and good luck.”


I always appreciate the feedback but here is what really annoys me the most about comments like this:

People will happily going out on a Saturday night and spending £50 on getting can i buy xenical over the counter in ireland smashed or spending £3 a day on caramel lattes in Starbucks or eat stuff to make them feel better about themselves.

Add it all up and people are prioritising spending their money on crap that ruins their health rather than investing in something that can make them healthier, slimmer, happier and live longer.

The issue with this is that at some point it’s going to catch up on Helen and she will have no choice but to pay and it’s going to be a bigger price. By that stage it will be too late to feel guilty and it’s going to cost a lot more to fix and I not just talking about money either.


It’s not about being expensive, it’s about priorities. And your health and well-being should be your NUMBER 1 priority.

What it’s going to take to make it a priority for you?

You can either pay now or pay later.


Liam “Telling It Straight” Thompson

Head Health and Fitness Coach

Northwest Fit Camp Manchester City Centre

The do gooders at the BBC are wrong

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I was watching BBC TV yesterday morning and there was a debate about whether there should be a sugar tax on sugary and fatty food.

Personally I don’t think so.

Fast food tastes great and is cheap, “maybe too cheap” say the experts and do gooders

“Send them back to the states and ban them” said another so called expert smugly

I don’t agree with this and don’t think that these companies are the problem though. The problem is our stressful society as a whole.

People are stresses and unhappy in general and when we are stressed and unhappy we look   for comfort in things like food especially convenient food that doesn’t require effort

How many times have you come cheap xenical uk home from work on a Friday night and just fancied a take away and a few glasses of wine? I definitely have

To fix this you need to look at sleep and stress as part of any weight loss plan.

You need to look at exercise that doesn’t raise cortisol (stress hormone levels).


(long bouts of cardio and over training does this.)

There is way more to losing weight than just going on a diet. If diets and slimming clubs and gyms worked them you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Would you?

Mind-set > Stress Management > Nutrition > Hydration > Exercise > Sleep


Liam “Big Picture” Thompson

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training


What Masterchef Can Teach You About Weight Loss

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Every night in our house there is a battle of the sexes and it’s usually for the TV remote control. Usually it’s a battle between cooking programs and football.

At the minute my wife is winning and the current cooking program of choice is Masterchef.

It’s about a bunch of amateur cooks trying to deliver restaurant quality food without any formal training and its being judged by some of the UK’s top chefs.

This week the quest judge Marcus Waering who is my wife’s favourite Chef, especially since we had a 10 course dinner in his restaurant in London last year for my birthday.

^^^^^^^ You read that right by the way – 10 courses ^^^^^^^^^^^^

The amateur chefs do a decent job but just seem to fall short of what is needed to get outstanding results. They all make the same very basic mistakes, especially when they have to cook in the actual restaurants and in many cases the professional chefs like Marcus have to step in and finish the job.

This is the same when it comes to being healthy and losing weight. People seem to make the same basic mistakes all the time. The one that get the best results are the people who have the best support

Here are my top 5 Mistakes that amateur slimmers make

1 Following the masses.

Every week there seems to be a FAD diet out there, 5:2 fast diet, south beach, cabbage soup. I honestly believe that if Davina McCall or Jordan or the Yo-Yo dieter from Steps started eating an all cardboard diet buy cheap orlistat uk most lots of people would follow them.  Diets don’t work in general and don’t work long term.  They work short term, which is why you have to keep going back to them.

2 Cutting out Carbs

Many people thing you need to cut out carbs completely in order to lose weight but the truth is that you need healthy carbs in the form of veggies and you can eat starch carbs like rice an potato as long as you get the timing right. If you don’t like veggies we recommend supplementing with a high quality greens drink like lean greens

3 Too much exercise

Yes too much exercise (especially cardio) has a negative effect on body composition.  People who run too much also tend to get more cold and flu because of a compromised immune system and not enough recovery.

4 Diet drinks.

Sweeteners in diet drinks can cause the same hormonal rises as sugar and turn your body into a fat storing machine, not to mention the fact that they are pretty bad for your health and making you crave actual sugar

5 Going Low Fat

Low fat usually means high sugar and we now know that sugar is one of the main culprits in putting on weight. Eating the right kinds of fats can also be healthy for our heart and our brain function.

Don’t want to make these mistakes?Tthen you can apply to join our next trial week at our Manchester City Centre Fit Camp Below for only £7


Liam Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training Manchester

Health and Fitness Lessons From David Moyes

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Whether you like or dislike football or support City or United, I’m sure you have all heard the news that David Moyes has been sacked as united manager today.

You see good old Moysie made one huge mistake when he took over the job from Sir Alex and it’s the same mistake that a lot of people make when they take on a new health and fitness regime.

Moysie tried to change too many things at once and it backfired on him. His first act was to sack all the successful coaches that united already had in place and bring in all his own coaches.

He changed the way the players trained, he changed the tactics and his management style was different to whet the players were used to. It was destined to go wrong………

This is exactly what happens when most people decide to get fit and healthy.

They join their local gym and decide to go 5 times a week, can i buy orlistat online even though they have never trained before.

The go on a low calorie low carb diet or even worse one of these meal replacement type nutrition plans being sold by unscrupulous personal trainers.

They ignore the advice of coaches that have proven success when it comes to helping people get fit and healthy and lose weight.

Small and incremental and long term changes are the key to success when it comes to health and fitness. I would love to tell you there is a quick fix but there isn’t. This is why our transformation programs are a minimum of 3 months at fit camp.

You can apply below by the way

Making small commitment like 3 exercise sessions a week is also easier to keep that trying to go 5 times a week.

Don’t make the same mistake as David Moyes

Slow and steady always wins the race

Liam  Thompson

Head Coach

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training






Everyone is an expert these days

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Every morning after morning fit camp I walk over to Katsouris Deli on Deansgate in Manchester City Centre and have breakfast.

It’s a great place to people watch.

Office workers drearily walking down Deansgate with the same expressionless faces like little worker bee robots glued to their iPhones.

Anyway I’m writing this blog post before my breakfast arrives and I can’t help but notice too girls talking about this new diet one of them has started. Its seems like anyone who has ever beenon a diet is suddenly an expert on nutrition.

1. Eat a low fat diet to lose weight.

Most low fat products are high in sugar and also tend to be highly process grain like bread that actually lead to weight gain not weight loss. Lots of my members and clinets are actually shocked whe I ask them to increase the fat in their diets

2. Using margarine instead of butter

This was another craze that thankfully is starting to be turned round. Margarine is full of harmful buy generic xenical online transfats that have been chemically altered and have been proven to cause heart disease.

3. Only eat the egg white

Believe it or not the yolk is actually the most nutritious part of an egg. It is jam paced with nutrition and contains loads of b vitamins and essentially fatty acids as wel as magnesium and calcium.

4. A calories is just a calorie

We now know that calorie react in the body n different ways, For example 400 calories of sugar (or grains) will promote fat storage through the hormone insulin where 400 calories of chicken and vegetables will not.

Calories still count but just focusing on calories and not the quality of food is a huge error.

5. Drink diet drinks for weight loss

Diet drinks contain chemicals that can actually promote fat storage. When yur brain tastes something sweet it is preparing for sugar so it releases insulin which as we all know is a fat storage hormone.

Time To Own Up

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This weekend I have had some school friends over from Ireland and we spend Friday at the Races in Liverpool and then Saturday watching football, horse racing and having some beers.

I don’t drink too much at the weekend to be honest with you and I don’t really drink beer any more these days as it make me bloated.

Anyway after my weekend of beers I’m feeling pretty bloated, tired and sorry for myself.

So why am I telling you this? After all I’m supposed to be a fitness guy who never drinks and is always eating buy generic xenical healthy.

2 reasons

  1. I’m just as human as you are and prone to temptation as much as the next person.  I’m not one of these fitness industry robot personal trainers with a clip board who doesn’t understand what it’s like to succumb sometimes and who lives on broccoli and chicken.
  2. I want to make myself accountable to you guys.

I will be making a commitment to eating healthy and losing some weight myself. I will be dropping a size in the next month and I will even take my own before and after pictures to show you guys. On top of that I will be making a commitment to exercise at least 4 times a week over the next month

Making yourself accountable to someone like friends, family or even a coach like me can hugely increase your chances of sticking to something like a healthy eating plan.

If you knew you had to send your coach your food diary on a Sunday night do you think it would help you stick to things?

Sure it would.

This is just one of the tactics I use to get my clients  moving forwards and get results.

Accountability is a powerful tool and is great for motivation.

How can you use it to keep you eating healthier?

Liam “making a commitment” Thompson

Personal Trainer Manchester

The Point Of No Return

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It’s crazy how time seems to go so fast. Can you believe we are 12 weeks into 2014 already? That’s nearly a third of a year!

I don’t know about you but as I get older it seem to get faster as well 🙁

So what’s the deal with 12 weeks? Well it’s our point of no return;  it’s the minimum time we recommend for long lasting weight loss at fit camp and in our personal training.

It’s also the time it takes for permanent habits to form (healthy or bad)

That’s the reason why we mostly only offer minimum 12 week or 3 month packages

It’s also a big milestone for one of those of you who have stuck to promises  you made in the new year especially to everyone that joined us at fit camp in January. They are now 12 weeks in and getting buy xenical uk only closer to where they want to be.

People like Kate G who was the first person to email me at 10:02am  1st January  this year looking for help with weight loss.

She has dropped almost a stone and a half since January and lost 2 dress sizes and has made a load of new friends and had fun in the process.

Most people will have given up on their new year goals by mid January, but Kate has made it to our point of no return  and there is no looking back for her

18th June is 12 weeks from today. Where do you want to be with your heath and your body?

Will you be where you want to be?

Most people reading this wont

Liam “Let’s Do The Time Warp” Thompson

Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training








Are you on the Blacklist?

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I don’t really watch a lot of television apart from football and the endless cooking shows my wife watches along with Gray’s Anatomy and The Good Wife. But………

There is one show that we both watch together though that I have really gotten into lately and it’s called The Blacklist.

It’s on Sky Atlantic at the minute and since it started I’ve eagerly looked forward to the next episode every single week

If you haven’t seen it, you simply must check it out.

The main character Raymond Reddington is an international criminal that hands himself into the FBI.

Pretty crazy thing to hand yourself in but this guy has a list of 21 of his arch enemies he wants out of the picture and they are a bunch of pretty ruthless bad guys as a well.

“This is Ray’s blacklist”

Each episode sees the introduction of 1 new bad guy (or girl) on the blacklist and they go about catching them one at a time. He only ever gives the FBI one name at a time. Imagine if he handed where can i buy xenical from them the full list at once and they split their resources. No one would get caught.

Tackling things one at a time is simply the best way to make changes and get things done.

Pick one of your bad habits or vices (maybe chocolate or wine) and focus on giving it up or at least cutting down for a few weeks

From there you can then move through the list of things just like the blacklist.

Here is the official trailer for the show I’m sure you will agree its gripping stuff

Your own list

How about you make up your own blacklist and work your way though it one at a time

  • Drink more water
  • Cut out sugary drinks
  • Exercise more
  • Get to bed earlier
  • Relax more
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Take a greens drink


Focusing on that one behaviour based goal will make it easier to achieve the big stuff like losing weight or getting healthier

I would love to hear your suggestions for what you could put on your own blacklist.


Head  Coach

Northwest Personal Training / Northwest Fit Camp