Scariest 35 minutes of my life

By January 2, 2015News

Last week we spent a few days over in Ireland at my parents as we do every year.

We had to be up early for a flight back to Liverpool on Sunday though and even though Belfast Airport is only 15 minutes from my parents, my dad had the radio on which was covering news of the Air Asia plane that had gone missing.

Not what you want to hear on the way to the airport.

Anyway all is well at Belfast until we are about to board the flight and out of the blue they announce the flight is delayed.

A baggage truck had crashed into the plane and they had to fly a new one in.

4 hours it took, so we sat in the lounge watching BBC new with guess what?

Yup 3 hours of plane crash news!

Now I’m usually a good flier but that day i was petrified. I had all sorts of horrible buy orlistat no prescription uk images going through my mind.

Bad news has that effect on us, this is why I don’t really watch the news anymore because it’s full of negativity.

It drags us down to their level. Same thing with people who moan and whine about not being able to lose weight or who tell you that whatever you are doing won’t work.

It has an effect on us (and our happiness).

So here is my best tip for 2015.

Surround yourself with people who are supportive and don’t bring you down.

Support (and accountability) just part of what we offer our fit camp.

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