Posture Correction

How We Can Fix Your Posture Issues That May be Causing You Pain or Discomfort

Here at North West Personal Training we are passionate about helping fix issues and problems that are caused by bad posture. This type of exercise  can help to fix problems associated with bad posture.

Poor posture is  a side effect of modern life unfortunately and is due to the amount of time we spend at our desks in stressful jobs or driving in our cars.

Poor posture  can be also be caused by an unbalanced training or exercise program. We see this a lot with some of our male clients who train their chest too much or who do too many press ups and as a result they have rounded shoulders which can very often be accompanied with shoulder pain.

Problems due to posture can include rounded shoulders,  lower back and knee pain as well as headaches and migraines.


Our Postural Correction Blueprint is a 12 week corrective exercise program designed to get you moving freely and free from pain that is cause by bio-mechanical (movement) issues. We also work in conjunction with a sports physio who we can refer you to for sports buy xenical orlistat 120 mg massage if we feel that will free up your movement.

Posture Correction Manchester

This image is one of our past clients Alex, who as you can see in the before picture he had quite rounded shoulders. The after pictures is after approximately 6 weeks of training and there is a really good improvement.

Both of these conditions can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain or general discomfort.

Benefits of our postural correction can Blueprint:

  • Freedom from lower back and shoulder pain
  • Increases in function and strength (basically you can move better)
  • Lower chances of back pain later in life
  • Increased Breathing Capacity
  • Less Headaches / Migraines

Our personal trainers and our physio (if required) work together to fix these issues by undertaking a range of strengthening and functional exercises  and stretches that can strengthen weak muscles and stretch opposing muscles that may have become tight and tense over time.

There may also be a need for sports massage to release tension especially around the neck, shoulders and lower back. Massage would be undertaken by our experienced physio Nas who has worked with many top athletes including several Manchester City Footballers and Olympic Athletes.

There are several reasons why this may have happened especially if you work in an office environment or even because of the way you may have trained in the past, especially if you train your chest muscles  a lot and especially if you are a female who wears high heels on a regular basis.

Posture Correction and Injury Success Stories

“I’m near the end of my  personal training sessions with Liam and I am so relieved and pleased that he has solved my tension headaches. When I approached Liam about my posture I was hopeful that he could solve my muscle and neck tension, causing headaches, but of course I was cynical.  Having paid for endless massages and alternative treatments it is truly remarkable that such simple yet very effective postural corrective exercises have improved my health. The last few months have been money and time very well spent. I can now continue my uni degree course headache free and as I continue to improve my posture I am also achieving new fitness goals. Liam knows what he’s talking about.” Fran Marshfield Manchester (Student, 23)

“I would recommend Liam Thompson to anyone without reservation .. amazing workout sessions and nutritional information, and he managed to find the source of my knee and shin problems within 5 minutes that have been affecting me for years! Highly impressed” Abigail Oliver, Manchester (Professional Dancer, 25)

“Liam even managed to deal with a very painful knee I have had for countless years, I can now run, climb stairs without incidence, truly amazing after such a short time, a testament to Liam’s excellent person centred coaching.” Frank Burbidge, 48 , Manchester

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