How to get motivated even if you always put things off

By February 5, 2015News

Monday morning just gone I had a dentist appointment here in Manchester.

It was just for a check up but I have to admit I was a bit worried as I’d been putting it off for a while.

Worried in case there was a problem and I would need some work doing. Silly I know but that how my brain works some times.

So what motivated me to go on Monday?

Well I’m going to San Diego for a geeky internet conference in a few weeks and I didn’t fancy having to pay for any emergency dental work when I was out there.

I hear it’s really expensive.

Turns out my teeth were fine but it was the fear of having to stump up a load of cash in the states that motivated me.

Fear motivates most of us and we ca use it to our advantage.

Its why when we get a health buy xenical diet pills uk scare we research furiously everything about it on google or when a family member becomes ill or passes away we get motivated to get healthy.

It’s why my mum was able to quit smoking instantly when her sister got lung cancer even though she had been trying unsuccessfully for years.

The problem with this is that sometimes you can leave it too late.

I got lucky this time, so did my mum.

How can you use this to motivate you?

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Liam Thompson
Head Coach
Northwest Fit Camp / Personal Training Manchester