How To Eat More and Lose More

Tape measure with nutrition facts

Have you ever tried to go on a diet and tried cutting down on how much you eat in an effort to lose weight?

Usually the results are pretty good, at least at the start. The number on the scales drops on schedule for the first few weeks and then bam, it stops dead and no matter how many times a day you weight yourself it wont budge.

So you stop weighing yourself. You’ve slipped back into your old routine and the next time you jump on the scales, its higher than it was at the start?

Sound familiar?

Where are you going wrong?

Cutting out calories too much may work short term but longer term it can be disastrous.

The key is to eat better buy generic xenical orlistat quality food with more nutrition. Give your body what it needs instead of starving it.

Starving your body of calories also starves your body of nutrients and its not gonna like that. That’s why it fights to hold on to your fat stores and the scales don’t budge.

That’s also why we educate our fit camp members on exactly what foods they need to eat to lose weight in a healthy way, without go on silly starvation diets.

Nutrition is the key

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