Apple and Mars Bar Sandwiches

Back when I was a kid in Ireland my mum used to give us Apple and Mars Bar Sandwiches for our lunch.

I think it must be a Northern Irish thing

It wasn’t an every day thing and was probably a treat

It was a lot of sugar and looking back now it was pretty obvious it was a lot of sugar.

Sugar is the big baddie in my eyes when it comes to weight gain.

Not fat, fat is a bit like the A team:

“Convicted of a crime it didn’t commit”

Want to cut down on it then you should be avoiding certain foods. Cereals, hidden sugar in processed foods, fruit order xenical juice and bread.

Starting your day on cereals and fruit juice is probably the single worst thing you can do if you want to trim up and lose the wobbly bits.

That’s why we teach our fit camp members and my 1-1 personal training clients the exact foods they need to eat if they want to easily lose weight and keep it off and the best thing is they don’t have to go on silly starvation diets.

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