Failed Resolutions

The 17th of January, Saturday just passed.

What the significance of this date? Apart from the fact it was bloody freezing here in Manchester.

It’s actually the date that most people give up their new years resolutions.

By this point 90% of you will have abandoned your healthy eating or diet plans or if you have joined a gym you won’t be going anymore!

Sound familiar?

Now we’re not taking on any new members for either personal training or fit camp at the minute in Manchester, because basically we are full, however…

…we are relaunching our online 4 week drop a dress size at home program for 10 Manchester women who want to effortlessly lose weight in the minimum time.

I’ll give you all the tools you need to easily drop a minimum of a dress size without needing to join a gym and you can do everything at home in your
own time.

You can check it out here

We have only 10 spaces and they will definitely sell out

Liam Thompson

Head Coach
Northwest Fit Camp and Personal Training Manchester