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Stretching Routine (Video)

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Stretching after your workout can help reduce soreness the next day but it can also help to keep you free from injury.

Being supple is essential in terms of your health and fitness because it can help to prevent lower back pain, shoulder pain and headaches which can all be caused by bad posture.


Below is a short video taking you through a typical stretching routing that I would normally perform with a 1-1 client after a workout.

I would appreciate your feedback and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Lose wheat to lose weight

Lose Wheat To Lose Weight

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It was one of my clients birthday’s last week and she invited me and my lovely fiance Rachel out to dinner at Chili Banana in Wilmslow, which is a great Thai Restaurant. As with these sort of events there are always new people to meet and introduce yourself to and the question that you always get asked when someone meets you for the 1st time. “So what do you do then”Lose wheat to lose weight

Now as most of my clients know I don’t like using the term personal trainer because I don’t see myself as a trainer. I like to say I’m a health and fitness coach but before I had a chance to answer my client introduced me as her personal trainer. Now when this happens I tend to get asked questions about what I do and what is the best exercise for this and what is the best way to get fit, build muscle and so on.

But by far and away the most common question is:

“What is the best way to lose weight?”

This usually takes a variety of answers but I’ve been doing a bit of reading this week and wanted to address it in this weeks blog post. If you wanted one sure fire way to lose weight (body fat) quickly and effectively without exercising or going on a diet, I would say that it is to eliminate wheat from your diet.

Did you know that the wheat that we currently eat in our breads, breakfast cereals, pastas and soups (yes even in soups) has been genetically modified and as a result what we think we are eating is not the same as what we are actually eating. And to top that off it is also very addictive and generally makes you crave more and more of it.

Traditional wheat has been replaced with a stunted, bulging, highly productive dwarf variety and this has been achieved by moving around a few genes, and the scientists of the day assumed there would be no harmful side effects in humans. This reality is that the genetic changes in the wheat triggered a shift in the range of proteins (especially gluten) our wheat contains, with so far unknown effects on health. Also, wheat contains gluten (80% of the total protein content in wheat) which can cause a whole pile of nasty diseases, even in those of you who don’t have symptoms of gluten buy xenical generic intolerance.

Then there also is the little matter of the glycemic index (GI) Did you know that two slices of “healthy” whole wheat bread can raise blood sugar higher and faster than two tablespoons of sugar. The glycemic index (GI) of a slice of wholegrain brown bread is 59 which is pretty much the same as table sugar in any case and your body cant tell the difference between wheat and sugar.

This is true of anything with wheat in it, not just bread. Basically the wheat that we are told is “heart healthy” turns out to be heavily implicated in causing problems like obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and even diabetes.

Yet if you go to your doctor they will tell you if you want to lose weight to eat more wholegrain foods, and try and lower your cholesterol which is just adding to the problem.

The belief that cholesterol causes obesity, heart disease, and cancer has long been dis-proven and we now know know that wheat is far more culpable in all of the above conditions.

If you have breakfast cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and then pasta for your dinner than you are pretty much eating wheat with every meal, which will be playing havoc with your blood sugar levels, your metabolisms and your body fat.

Then there are all the examples of foods that contain hidden wheat, like soups that have thickeners, breadcrumbs on fried food, biscuits and many savoury snacks.

Now I’m not wanting to go into conspiracy theories but, why is it that grains and cereals are being recommended by the government agencies that are responsible for our health and nutrition. To work out why you need to understand the following:

If we no longer used wheat as our main food choice, then there would be a global worldwide food shortage and he price of food would sky-rocket, especially meat, dairy and fruit and veg. This would have a massive affect on the economy not to mention the companies that make billions of pounds a year from wheat containing products.

Basically to reiterate the point, if you want to lose weight and get healthier you need to look at removing wheat (and gluten) from your diet.

Food for thought.


If you want to learn a bit more about this I would highly recommend that you check out the excellent book Wheat Belly by William Davis

How I Dropped 3 Dress Sizes and Shed 2 Stone

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How I Dropped 3 Dress Sizes Lost, Shed 2 Stone and Got My Confidence Back

Carmel is one of our group personal training clients here in Manchester and has lost and amazing 2 stone and 3 dress sizes in about 5 month above is a short interview with Carmel where she explains how working with us has changed her life and how she thought at the time she would not be able to get to where she is now and how she even went as far as trying hypnosis for weight loss.


Carmels Story

Earlier this year I was looking for some guinea pigs to trial out my new Weight Loss System and I was approached by Carmel who wanted to try it out.

Carmel (37) had been a yo-yo dieter for 15 years had previously joined Weight Watchers in Manchester, Rosemary Connolly and Slimming World in Manchester.

She had  also joined the gym countless number of times and gone to fitness classes, bought DVDs and even a wi-fit but had never seen a significant fitness or shape improvement. She  had even tried hypnosis and thought about having weight loss surgery. Her initial goal was to lose  4 stone to lose and she was eager to make changes in her appearance, weight and lifestyle because she could see how this was affecting her older family members.

Below is Carmel’s story about the 1st 4 weeks of working with us in her own words describing her fears and challenges as she undertook my new healthy eating and fitness program over 4 weeks.  Could she succeed and finally get her body back?

Carmel Before Pic

21st May 2012

First Fit Camp Session Completed

Yesterday was my first fit camp with Liam and the rest of the group. I was very nervous about going as I am really self conscious about the way I look and feel at the moment. I was not feeling confident and hated the reflection that was looking back at me whilst attempting to complete the different exercises but that is why I am here to make a change.

I have to be honest I found it hard but just that first session has motivated me even more to get this weight off and get fit. I’m glad that it challenged me. It was a great comfort that there were others there for the first time too. It felt good to be doing something positive and boy do I know it today, particularly in my arms and legs. I’m looking forward to getting to grips with all the tools and information that is available to me and finding out more about the nutritional side of the program.

23rd May 2012

I Can’t Put It Down

So I printed the plan yesterday and Liam’s right you will read it and read it again and for me keep on going. I think I must have picked it up loads today after reading it in it’s entirety last night. This tells me I am excited by the change, having done a number of different diets and plans in the past and getting complacent with them, it feels good to be doing something new and different. I’ve got my goals set and I’ve started my food diary. Supplements next.

I can’t believe that I am going cold turkey with no caffeine but I’ve done it. It feels strange as coffee has been my main drink during the day since having my son and he’s nearly 2½!.

Yesterday I couldn’t believe that anyone could drink 3 litres of water but I’m on two so far.

Off to fitcamp tonight, blog you later :-)

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Training was hard today but I felt good afterwards. Committing to this programme with Liam has made me realise that I have time (for me) so no excuses anymore. I’ve not been feeling hungry which has cut out the temptation to snack, which is a big change and even when I have needed something between meals I have discovered a liking for carrots and hummus, who knew! For me this is about inches lost and dropping a dress size, so Ive measured myself and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Thursday 24th May 2012

There wasn’t many there tonight but it was good as we got to do the technical side of the exercises, still hard work though but at least I can be more confident that I am doing them correctly so as to get the most benefit. I come out of these sessions looking like I’ve sat out in the sun for too long, pink is not the word!

I do feel better when I get home afterwards. Before I would have left work, gone straight home, had some tea, snacked while making tea, tidied up and gone to bed.

Already I’m doing more in the evening and feel better for it, sleeping better too. On the nutritional side I thought I would miss cereal, dairy and the pasta and bread but I haven’t so far.

I’m struggling with the coffee but have come through the worst of it. Since having my little boy, coffees have been getting me through the day.

Friday 25th May 2012

I had a day off today and it’s the first opportunity that I have had had to go shopping. I took the nutrition plan with me and got most of the things I needed. Had a vegetable stir-fry for tea and really enjoyed it, was very surprised. It’s a dish I’ve not eaten in a long time. My mother-in-law is over with us for a couple of days so there have been a few take away meals but not for me. I’ve been able to substitute them for tasty meals that I’ve planned in advance. They’ve been helping me out by eating them before I get home so as it’s not been in my face.

Bless, there’s going to be more temptations, I need to make the right choices so that I get results.

Saturday 26th May

Today was a day of shopping, but I planned ahead and had left over stir fry from last night.  It was good. I was really proud of myself as it set me up for the afternoon before heading off to Manchester.

I took my bottle of water and some fruit for a snack to keep me going and even though Starbucks had an offer on frappuccino’s and my friend had one I stuck with the water.

Some more friends joined us in the evening and they ordered Indian take-away but I was prepared and as it arrived and they were unpacking I has made myself a lovely chicken and tomato dish with some herbs, onion and peppers and got tucked into that instead.

One friend said that I should be making the effort and have a drink as we don’t get together often. I said that I wanted this to work and carried on sipping my water.

I hope I’ve done enough.

Sunday 27th May 2012

You could have put money on me having bacon butties today but another newbie for me :-)

I tried turkey rashers instead with some tomatoes and enjoyed it, bit of black pepper… perfect.

I went out to meet the family this afternoon. I took my trusted bottle of water, now carry one with me at all times. If I start thinking about food, which used to be often, I have a sip of water instead which is helping. We had a meal whilst out and there wasn’t much option on the menu so I asked them to cook me a chicken breast and had some boiled rice and salad rather than hoping for the best and going for something off the menu.

I am discovering that I can make the right choices, and I hope to get better at it. Its taken something like this for me to make a start and stop making excuses. This is the biggest challenge for me and the inner me has been battling but the one thing remains, I want results.

Carmel’s Weight Loss Journey with Northwest Fit Camp – Week 2

Into the second week now, feeling cautious, have I done enough, is it going to work for me?

I’ve had them all going through my mind today. I had a quick chat with my boss today and he was really interested in the plan and training and wants me to keep him informed.

It’s good to have the positive support and encouragement from outside my support network. I don’t want to fail so the more people that know the better. It’s the opposite of not telling people that you are taking driving test just in case you fail.

I couldn’t get in some clothes yesterday when getting ready to meet my family and I felt really down and self conscious. Normally I would have headed straight for the goody cupboard but thankfully I’ve not been anywhere near it. The mind-set piece in the welcome plan has helped and I’m glad I did my goal setting.

Training was outside tonight, let me just say I cannot remember the last time that I ran, if you could call it that. The physical side of things has really been a shock to the system but I keep recovering and hopefully improving every day.

29th May 2012

Boy am I feeling the training from last night particularly after long periods of sitting down which is inevitable in my job, its really sedentary. I’m finding that I’m not thinking about food anywhere near as much.

When I used to do Weight Watchers I was always looking at my points seeing if I could eat this or that and still craved loads of things that I should have dropped out of my eating plan in order to lose weight. I must admit it did feel like food was becoming an obsession, almost an addiction with the cravings. I’m sad to admit it but there were times, that I would eat in secret because I was ashamed and felt that people would judge me.

The plan for me is helping to control and change my eating habits.

Hardest Training Session Ever

OMG we did the Terminator workout today for the first time, how hard? First set I noticed a difference and although it was tough I felt cheap xenical australia there was an improvement from last week, if only minor. Thought too soon, the second set was hard. I have to say though, I was aching when I went in but I wasn’t when I came out. I do find that I am struggling with my legs. Since having my son and carrying all this excess weight around I have had weak knees but this will improve I am sure as the weight comes off and my strength increases.

I weighed myself after training and it’s 2lb lost and I’ve lost 1.5?.

31st May 2012

I re-read the nutrition plan page by page today. It’s constantly in my bag with me. I struggled with training tonight but I think that’s because of the hard sessions on Monday and Wednesday. I’ve bought myself some new trainers which are much better than the two that I had thank goodness. Got them in case I have to do any-more running.

This week has been strange for me, my moods and emotions have been all over the place.

I have asked myself if it’s normal for people to feel this way, vulnerable even.

1st June

Phew it’s normal … I’m told that I should be experiencing quite a change as my body starts to get healthier and I leave behind old habits. It’s also because my hormones are regulating as well which is a good thing. I had a 1-1 coaching and goal setting session with Liam today which really helped both mentally and on the nutritional side. We’ve agreed for me to decrease the fruit and go for more vegetables. I’m also going to replace the white rice with brown and only after training. I’m also going to try alternatives for breakfast.

I’ve recognised that I need to go deeper with my goal setting, its not easy for me to talk about me or even focus on me, its been easier for me to ignore. Glad I had the 1-1 session before going into the bank holiday weekend for sure.

2nd June 2012

I Can’t believe it, I ate egg today for the first time since I was a young child. The thought of it was difficult to get past and I had plenty of onions and peppers with it. I didn’t manage to eat it all but I tried it. I had to share this as it’s a huge thing for me.

Carmel’s Weight Loss Journey with Northwest Fit Camp – Week 3

4th June 2012

We had a family day out in Blackpool today. I got myself organised and packed my lunch to take with me. Feta salad and carrots with hummus and of course my bottle of water. Had a great day and didn’t feel too bad tucking into my lunch instead of fish and chips or burger which would have been the usual choice. See on other diets, I would have taken the day off and made up for it the rest of the week but this doesn’t work like that. Any deviation could be the difference between a failure and a result. I want to make the right choices and feel good that I have.

I did a lot of walking, carrying either my son or bags so was really tired when I got home. Today though I had a pink face because of the sun and not the work out. Damn that sea breeze!

5th June

I’m feeling apprehensive about going back to training tomorrow, having had a long weekend. Not on the food side, but on the physical demands actually in the session.

It’s great to hear that the others are getting some great results and I can’t wait to get on the scales myself and get the measuring tape out. I’ll do it when I get back from training tomorrow so as to do it at the same time as last week.

I’d say keep your fingers crossed for me but its not about luck, what you put in you get out! So I have no worries, I still can’t help it though.

6th June

End Of Week 2

I can’t believe that because of the bank holiday its nearly been a week since I last went to training. Terminator workout again tonight, thank goodness that ones done and dusted. I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow. Still I’m getting the reward for the effort.

I measured myself tonight and its another inch lost and a total of 2.5 inches in two weeks. To top that off its 6lbs lost since I weighed myself last Wednesday evening and a total of 8lbs in two weeks. Chuffed. It paid off planning ahead and being prepared to avoid the temptation.

Feel a lot better emotionally was on a bit of a roller coaster towards the end of last week.

The 1-1 session coaching session with Liam really helped. I think I’ve been hiding behind excuses for so long now it’s been a lot harder mentally than I anticipated.

Take care all, Carmel

7th June 2012

The workout was very hard tonight. I found it harder than the terminator workout and that’s not me saying that Wednesday was easy! Im feeling good at the moment, can’t believe how much water I am now used to drinking. It’s like my new best friend, a bottle of water comes everywhere with me (well almost), there are some exceptions!


Carmel’s Weight Loss Journey with Northwest Fit Camp – Week 4 and Results

11th June 2012

I can’t believe that the four weeks have gone so quickly and that this is the last week. Not sure why but this weekend I have had so many cravings, with all number of temptations running through my mind . I have abstained completely but its been a mental battle. I’ve had everything but what my mind was telling me I wanted! Water, nuts, green tea and a little fruit. Still no alcohol or coffee.

I can tell more in my clothes this week. I put a blouse (or do we call them shirts now, sound like my mum!) on this morning and I’m not popping out of the buttons so I must be getting close to a 14 on top. 16 bottoms can’t be far behind from an 18.

Fit Camp tonight will blog you tomorrow about that one.

Laters, Carmel

13th June 2012

I know I’m on Week 4 of the programme but its the time of week where I get on the scales and get the tape measure out to see what the results are so far and I am pleased to say (drum roll please)… its another 3lbs lost and a total of 11lbs altogether. I’ve lost 2½ inches from my waist, and unbelievably 5 inches from my hips. I didn’t have time to measure anywhere else but will do that later tonight.

Training was hard on Monday, it was warm in the room and the rooms was the smaller one so it was cosy! My hands did start to slip on the floor for some of the exercises and I struggled with the 50 secondss on and 10 seconds rest but then it is week 4 of the programme so I understand we can’t stay at the same level it needs to be challenging.

Worried about the terminator tonight, last time I bruised my tail-bone with all the sleeping crabs and I’m still a bit tender.

Laters, Carmel

18th June 2012

Nearly Ready To Reveal Results

Okay so last week was the final week of the four week block but Weds will be the big reveal with final weight and inches lost and after pictures to Liam for the 28 day plan which I’ve been following along with the three nights a week fit camp. To say I am excited is an understatement I can’t wait to get the final results and then work on from there.  It’s really been life changing and I am soooooo loving the comments that are coming in after just four weeks. I feel great, (apart from during training that’s still hard), people are noticing the changes (except the husband! what’s that about) and I can feel it too.  I put on a pair of trousers this morning and have had to tighten the belt so that they stay on.  It’s fab, chuffty badge for Carmel please :-)

I have had a few mental battles this week and over thew eekend. I think its because I am nearing the end of 28 days, I’ve had to keep reminding myself not to let little bad habits slip in to keep the momentum going and get the results I want.  I’ve tried to stay a way from the treats because with other plans that was always the downfall, “oh I’ll just have this it won’t hurt” and then the cravings start and its a vicious circle for me.  Disciplined that’s a good word.

Off to training tonight, will blog tomorrow to let you know how I get on, can’t believe how quick the time has gone.

21st June 2012

Final Results and Reveal

Weight Loss Manchester

Well the final results are in 12lbs lost in total and that equates to a full dress size and I’m really starting to notice a difference. It can only get better from here. I have Liam’s new cook book which has some great menus with plenty of variety and choice and I’ve signed up for another 4 week block of training. I walked into my usual shop for lunch and even one of the ladies in there stopped me to ask if I’d lost weight and what I’d been doing.

About 12 months ago, me and her had had a conversation because I was trying Weight Watchers and getting nowhere so she was intrigued as to what had changed.

I’m so thankful that I have had the opportunity of attending fit camp because honestly, beforehand I really was at a loss as to what I could do and what would work. I’d been to the doctor, tried hypnosis and felt like the options were running out. I really do invigorated and enthusiastic.

Well done everyone on the other good results :-)




If you would like to Join Northwest Fit Camp and get Results Just Like Carmlel Please Click This Link


Northwest Fit Camp Pumpkin Recipe Book

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As its Halloween tonight we are doing a fancy dress workout and trying to raise some money for charity at our weight losss boot camp in Manchester.

All our members are bringing along some pumpking so we can do some scary pumpkin workouts but what are we going to do with the pumpkins once we have buy cheap orlistat finished with them.

Well fear no more, we have put together a free pumpkin healthy fat loss recipe cookbook which includes pumpkin muffins ans well as spicy pumpkin curries for everyone to use. You can download your copy by clickingon the link below.

Northwest Fit Camp Pumpkin Recipes

Happy Halloween



Northwest Fit Camp / Northwest Personal Training




Halloween Charity Boot Camp Workout

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Northwest Fit Camp and Northwest Personal Training presents their Halloween Charity Fancy Dress Boot Camp on Wednesday  at Studio25, Manchester City Centre in aid of St Anne’s Hospice in Manchester (£5 charity donation per participant for non members)

The best dressed and scariest costume will also win 2 months free at Northwest Fit Camp (worth £198)

Join us for some seriously scary exercises, Skeletons doing Squats, Pumpkins doing Press-ups, Demons doing Deadlifts and Zombies doing Burpees and some fun pumpkin exercises.

This also coincides with our Northwest Fit Camp Taster Week which starts on monday the 29th October and i s open to all new members for free.

Contact us for more details and visit the facebook event page to secure your invite


Exercise and Injury : What to do

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If you have ever played any sport or exercised for any significant period of time its pretty much guaranteed that at some point you will get injured or tweak something. This happens to all of us at one time or another. In fact I’m sitting here nursing a bruised heel after a particularly bad tackle yesterday when I was playing in a game for Mobberly yesterday. It looks like I will be unable to play for the next few weeks (will know more after I see Nas, our physio later today).

What to do if you get injured playing sport

If you have ever had an injury or a tear you can minimise the pain by stopping the activity as soon as possible and getting it iced. A good model to use is the P.R.I.C.E

Protection:  If injured, stop the activity and protect the injured part from further damage. Avoid weight bearing on the injured area.

Rest: Rest is crucial to protect the injured muscle, tendon, ligament or other tissue from further injury. Resting the injured part is important to promote effective healing at least for the first day or so.

Ice: Icing your injury provides short term pain relief and also reduces swelling by lowering blood flow to the injured area.

Compression: Compressing an injury also helps to limit and reduce swelling, which may delay healing.

Elevation: Elevating an injury can help to control the swelling. This is most effective when the injured area is raised above the level of the heart. For example, if you have an injured foot, try lying downwith your foot propped on one or two pillows or cushions.

You should of course always seek out a professional if your injury is serious and get it diagnosed as quick as possible.


Check out Nas our Physio here at NorthwestPT

7 Habits of Lean People

7 Habits of Highly Lean People

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Most of us have friend who is pretty lean and in good shape, but have you ever wondered what they do to stay that way, especially if it all seems effortless to them. What do they do that is different to the rest of us. Here is a list of our 7 habits of highly lean people as inspired by the late Stephen Covey’s best selling book “7 habits of highly effective people”.7 Habits of Lean People

There are of course more than 7 but if you get these ones right you will be well on your way to a firmer,leaner and healthier body.

The 7 Habits

  1. Lean people eat protein and vegetables with every meal: Protein is the foundation for a strong healthy body. Protein keeps us from feeling hungry via hormonal signaling, keeps blood sugar stable, negates the stress hormone cortisol and keeps the immune system in super shape. In addition to supplying you with tons and tons of phytonutrients that keep your skin, hair and nails healthy, getting more vegetables in your diet add vital fibre and water to your body Out top tip is to find vegetables that you like and enjoy and have more of them.
  2. They drink water as their main beverage, and thy also drink at least 2 litres a day (every day): Did you know that hydration actually makes you hold on to extra water under your skin, making you look puffy and bloated. It can also make you fatigued and trigger cravings as well as headaches. Ask someone with pretty, tight skin how much water they drink every day. you will be surprised.
  3. They implement sustainable, long term and appropriate exercise: Countless hours on the treadmill are lets face it, not sustainable long term. Short, intense workouts using weights, body weight, sprints and plyometrics, balanced by some cardio once or twice a week, are far more sustainable, easier on your joints and more sustainable in the long term..
  4.  They go to bed at a reasonable time every night: Sleep is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to fat loss. Have you ever heard the expression “sleep is prime fat-burning time?” Sleep acts as a big reset button for your hormones, stress and your motivation. TRy to get to bed at 10:30 every night for maximum results.
  5. They don’t depend on willpower: People who stay in shape, all year round, have abandoned the “all or nothing” mentality that we see a lot of at our fit camps. This is because healthy people have experienced it for themselves and they know that it just does not work. Willpower will always tack a back seat to physiology. Lean and healthy people have developed what we call skill power, they use these tools to create a satisfying, sustainable way of eating for long term results.
  6.  They are super resilient: People who are in great shape are just as human as the rest of us. If they eat a bar of chocolate or have a few more drinks on a night out than they should have or have some donuts, they don’t just abandon what they are doing and go on a big binge for a few days. They simply eat their next normal meal. If they get injured and can’t exercise, they keep their nutrition tight. Around the holidays, they choose protein and veggies and are strategic about sweets. They use these mistakes as lessons, and not as an excuse to give up their goals. If you fall of the wagon, get back on and keep going towards your destination.
  7.  They act and think like they are lean and healthy: Think about what a person who is in pretty good shape does. What do they think about? What do they order when they eat out or go to a fast food restaurant  What do they chose when they stop at a motorway service station? How do they exercise? This is exactly what lean and fit and healthy people do and is one of the main reasons why they are lean, fit and health. If you want to be lean, in shape and healthy, you have to do what a lean person does to become lean.

Here at Northwest Fit Camp and Northwest Personal Training we are big believers that success leave clues, watch what other fit and healthy people eat and do and try and emulate that as much as you can.

If you need help with you weight or health and fitness please don not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you.

Losing Weight If You Are Pear Shaped

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Did you know that it can very often be more difficult for pear shaped females to lose weight from their lower bodies than apple shapes? But doesn’t all have to be bad news though because with the right diet and exercise, you can do it and get the results you want. You just need to look at J-Lo as a shining example of this.Losing Weight Pear Shape

The main focus here is to not just to think about losing size in you lower part of you body but to also increase your muscle mass and tone the upper body. This will help you to become more balanced and everything will be in proportion.

As always when it comes to weight loss you need to follow a healthy eating plan by eating clean nutritious foods and exercising in the correct way. You can easily lose weight all over your body including the difficult to shift lower half if you are pear shaped. This means avoiding processed foods, sugary foods and alcohol. Try where possible to eat lean protein with every meal and include a ton of veg with every meal as well.

Keep a food diary, it is amazing how much we actually eat during the day that we don’t notice or realise. Keeping a food diary will make you more accountable for what you eat and help you to stick to the plan when the going gets tough (and it will at times)

In order to lose weight from the pear shaped body it is going to take a bit of hard work. Weight loss is generally easy if you know what to do but it will be hard work at times.

What Exercise To Do

You need to do metabolic resistance exercise at least 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes in order to get results. High intensity interval training can be added to the program as well for even better results. This is what we do with our clients and it gets great weight loss results.

Pear shaped women often spend all their time working on the lower half of their body to cut down that problem area but don’t be fooled into this. It is important to work on your upper body in order to balance out your shape and makes sure your posture is correct and to avoid injuries such as lower back or shoulder pain.

Also don’t forget to do upper back and core exercises. These are just as important and focusing on these areas as well will increase your lean muscle mass and give you that tomes look that you want.

Lunges and squats are great exercises for working on your bum, hips and legs.

Last but not least, always take the time to love what nature gave you, as a pear shape, no doubt you are beautiful, you will always have those womanly curves but with a little bit of effort you CAN have the body you want.

Contact us today if you would like help with losing weight either through personal training, group training or online in the comfort of your own home.

Fit Camp Friendly Chips

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Here is a recipe for some Northwest Fit Camp friendly chips, made using sweet potato. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of losing weight but it doesn’t have to be boring all the time.

Manchester Boot Camp Friendly Chips



  • 1 large sweet potato
  • Olive oil in an oil sprayer
  • Garlic powder or paprika
  • Sea Salt to taste




  • Step 1 – Clean and cut your potatoes into chunky sizes.
  • Step 2 – Lay them out in a single layer on a baking tray
  • Step 3 – Spray with a very light coat of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Step 4 – Sprinkle a generous amount of garlic buy xenical tablets powder or paprika powder over the sweet potatoes.
  • Step 5 – Bake at 200 degrees in a preheated oven for approximately 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Step 6 – Sprinkle with a VERY light coat of sea salt. This is just enough to bring out the flavours but not to make them taste salty. About 1/4 tsp. for the entire batch.
  • Step 7 – Let cool slightly and serve.

OK, make sure you reserve this for after a fit camp session and serve with some green vegetables and a protein source such as chicken or fish


7 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet When Eating Out

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If you find that you eat out a lot or go to a lot of family get togethers in restuarants, then this can be a serious challenge to your weight loss efforts. There are literally loads of things that you can do to make sure you eat healthier and keep to your weight loss goals, without feeling that you are missing out on social occasions.

So to make sure you stay on track with your weight loss plan, follow these 7 easy rules and safely navigate the danger zones

Eating out on a diet should not be hard, so here are our 7 Top Tips For Sticking To Your Diet When Eating Out

  1. DO NOT ever pick a menu option that has Crispy, Creamy, Fried, Battered, Smothered, Kingsize, Jumbo, Combo or Feast in the title or description or has pastry or loads of cheese. Where possible go for Steamed, Baked, Poached or Grilled.
  2. When you’re being asked if you want Chips, Cheesy Mash or potato as a side to your meal, in most cases you could ask for either extra salad or some veg on the side instead.
  3. Avoid all pasta dishes. We all know that pasta makes us feel stodgy and gives us cramps, to be avoided when eating out, especially as loads of pasta dishes come buy orlistat diet pills with creamy sauces.
  4. Skip the bread at the start. When the waiter sets down bread at the start of your meal, resist the temptation to pick away at it.
  5. Always ask for your sauce on the side. This means that you can be in 100% compete control of how much goes on and in turn you can save yourself a load of calories in the process.
  6. Dont be aftraid to modify the menu. Many restaurants will take your dietary needs into account so you will be a happy customer and comeback in the future.
  7. If you really need to have dessert then always try to go for for a fruit salad or sorbet instead of cheesecake, cup cakes or ice cream.

If you follow these simple rules then you’ll walk out of the restaurant with a much better feeling than that horrible feeling you get when you eat too much stodgy food and all you want to do is go for a sleep, wishing that you had worn bigger jeans

Losing weight does not have to be hard as long as you are smart and make the right choices at the right times.


If you would like help or advice with your weight loss in manchester you can get in touch by using the contact us form.